Getting Tips on How to Cheat Scratch Offs

Getting Tips on How to Cheat Scratch Offs

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If there is a big buck at stake and you have the opportunity to increase your shot at it, you would certainly take it. The lottery is the fastest and easiest way to fortune. The uncertainty and close to impossibility of winning add up to the excitement of playing the game. Nonetheless, the high hopes of many players to hit the jackpot never wane. Scratch off is only one of the most popular lottery and gambling plays. It is very easy to play and it does not hurt in the pocket as well. Some even dare say that it is the easiest play to cheat. For sure, you are dying to learn how to cheat scratch offs if only to increase your odds of winning. Now, the following examples may not qualify as cheats nevertheless, these tips may help you or bring you closer to the dream pot of fortune.

1. Weigh the cost. There are different games involved in scratch off and it also depends on the amount of the ticket. Scratch off tickets are available at $1, $2, $5, $10 and even $20. Any serious scratch off fan will tell you to bet on the higher cost ticket. The odd of winning at a $5 ticket compared to a $1 ticket is higher. The rule is simple. The more expensive the ticket is the higher are your chances of hitting it big. And the lesser the cost of the ticket, the chance of winning is slimmer.

2. Pick one game and stick to it. The impression is that scratch of like any other lottery game is random. And it is but you do not necessarily have to bet aimlessly. Luck is a big factor but you increase your chances if you use some kind of strategy. So, the next thing you have to know about how to cheat scratch offs is to pick and bet on one game only. This strategy does not only help you increase your odds of winning. It will also help you decrease the possibility of losing to make your losses much more manageable.

3. Find the secret spot. To find out what the odds are, you do not need to look any further. At the back of your scratch off ticket is a secret spot. You will find a small print there indicating the odds. You can then compare the different games, weigh the odds and choose the one where you have better chances.

More than getting tips on how to cheat scratch offs, these are actually guidelines on how you can be a smarter scratch off player. Do not be easily swayed by the prize at stake. The key is to stay focused and make calculated decisions. As you play more, you get to discover other tricks that may not give you a sure win but will surely help you advance the odds of winning. Whatever you do though, keep in mind that this is a game of chance and the possibility of losing is always greater than the chance of wining. So, stay on budget and good luck with the game!


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