How to Be a Poker Dealer

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There are many reasons for learning to deal poker. If you are a poker player, you can learn a lot about how a variety of people play a variety of hands. Although you may never play against these players, the more hands you see as a player, the better poker player you become. Another reason of course, would be to have a job or career that you love. Poker dealers earn their money from tips from the players. When a player wins the hand he generally tips a dollar or two. Some tip more on a big hand, some don't tip at all. (Yep, there's one in every crowd) So you average a dollar or two a hand. Consider that you should deal around thirty hands an hour. This can add up pretty quickly!

Once you've decided you want to deal poker, you should make sure you have a thorough understanding of the game you wish to deal. The most popular game, and probably the best to start at is Texas Hold em. Most, if not all card rooms spread this game. You may have noticed when you play poker, that the dealers are all doing the shuffling in pretty much the same way. It is not a coincidence. There is a proper way to shuffle, riffle, split, wash etc. The first time you attempt to shuffle in this way it will feel very foreign. You will get used to it, with practice.

Another thing to consider, is figuring the pots. Let's say one person has $ 100 and goes all in. Then the next player, who has $ 120 calls. Then the last person, who has $ 150 goes all in. If the person with $ 120 calls, can you figure out the pot, quickly and accurately? (The main pot is $ 300 the side pot between the last two players is $ 40) There are methods to ensure that the dealers are shuffling the cards the same way, figuring the pots accurately and quickly, and accurately determining the winning hand (s).

There are poker dealer schools around the country that teach hands on, usually at the students own pace. There is also software available . If you know someone who deals poker professionally, you could probably learn from them. Just make sure they don't teach you any bad habits! The thing to remember as you learn is practice, practice, practice. Focus on accuracy, speed will come. When you audition for the card room you want to be confident and that comes with practice.


Source by Angela M Morrell


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