How To Play Poker Like Phil Ivey

Latest Casino News 16 Sep , 2019 0

Phil Ivey has been labeled as one of the best poker players in the world by other professional poker players. How does Phil Ivey consistently defeat his opponents while playing poker? If you have ever watched Phil play poker on television or online, you will notice that he is very aggressive. Phil is always raising hands and betting the flop. Often times you will notice his opponents are too scared to play a hand with him. They will fold to a lot of his raises and bets. Phil picks up a lot of small pots and quickly builds his chip stack.

Sometimes his opponents get really frustrated and they start to play back at him. At these times, Phil seems to have the best hand. Phil Ivey is capable of bluffing on the flop, turn, and river with absolutely nothing. He also has the ability to call down his opponents with ace high for large amounts of chips. Phil Ivey often credits his ability to play poker to his observant nature. By being very observant, Phil is able to get an accurate read on his opponent. Phil obtains his read from his opponents' betting patterns, physical tells, and any past actions.

Using his great ability to read his opponents, he is able to bluff his opponents when they are weak and fold when they are strong. Phil Ivey is one of the best poker players in the world because he is also one of the most observant players. If you ever make it to the final table with Phil Ivey, be sure to hide all of your tells.


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