How to Steal Blinds in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

How to Steal Blinds in No Limit Texas Holdem Poker

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Knowing how to steal blinds in no limit Texas Holdem Poker game is one of the most assuring techniques that allow a player to stay longer. However, what actually is stealing the blinds? Basically, in a game of Texas Holdem, there are a few bets which are mandatory and placed by the first blind and the second blind which refers to the first and second player who are separated toward the left of the button and these two players comprise of the initial pot. Stealing the blinds exemplifies the attempts made by the players to win the initial pot or the blinds and there are two implications which are associated with stealing blinds which includes the following:

  • Allows the player to have more money
  • Helps to reduce the capacity of the opponent.

For those players who are new to this game and wondering how to steal blinds in no limit Texas Holdem, this edition is going to focus on some of the ways. Although, stealing blinds is more common in a contest, it can still be transported out in other games. Lets us have a look at some of the ways of stealing blinds:

  • The first thing to do is to have a thorough look at the table in order to envisage the fighting spirit and the approach of each of the players.
  • Those players who have arrived in a late position or the button should be more cautious about the pre flop bets particularly of those players who are hostile and pushy.
  • It is better to contest for the pot in the absence of others particularly the players who are more aggressive. Basically, for stealing blinds, one has to understand the attributes of the same. Therefore, if a player is able to have an idea about the table and make the moves at the right time, there are greater chances of winning the game.

Roughly, these are some of the ways to steal blinds in a game of poker but one of the major obstacles faced by a player while stealing blinds is that the other players in the blind may try to raise the player who is intending to steal. However, the best way to avoid this is to ensure that a player willing to steal blinds should be positioned in a way so as to have two tight players towards the right. It is clear therefore, that stealing blinds can take the player one step towards winning for being able to stay in the game for a longer time.


Source by Pankaj Diya Gupta


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