Hype for HYIPs – New Advertising Era Is Coming?

Hype for HYIPs – New Advertising Era Is Coming?

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Every program administrator should start thinking about program promotion long before actual program launch. An effective and carefully planned promotion campaign can make the program famous in a few days and can guarantee a steady traffic of investors. In the HYIP world program promotion does not anything to do with search engine optimization (SEO) used to promote websites. People invest in SEO when they want to increase the number of visits to a website from search results. But think about it: how many investors use Google to find new investment opportunities? Plus you should know that successful SEO does not always result in increased investments or sales. You should discard SEO in the very beginning: it will be a waste of your time and money.

Here is what you could concentrate your promotion efforts on: banners, listings or monitor websites, paid sticky topics on discussion boards, paid posters crowd (if you like it or not), smart hidden marketing campaigns.


MMT Investigation Bureau conducted an interesting survey not so long ago. We wanted to know how effective banners really are and what outlet you can expect by using banners to promote your program. We have contacted many listing websites that have advertising spaces and offered them to provide us with free advertising space for a week strictly for survey purposes. Our survey was simple: we put a banner on a monitor website for a week. Please note that banner was professionally designed to immediately attract attention. So there was a good probability that someone would actually click on it. Then we analyzed how many clicks were made and how many pages were viewed. We had expected that most of them would have declined our offer, so we have purchased more stats from a trusted resource.

You can find result charts and diagrams here: moneynews2.com/HYIPforumsNEWS/Hype-HYIPs/

As you can see from the stats, these resources are not worth the money they ask for their services. They are basically useless. Another thing we noticed was that most advertising spaces on listing websites are empty which means that these services are not popular anymore. We have closely followed listing website for about a month and there were always available advertising spots. We do not think that ordering promotion there will be very effective so think twice before paying someone for advertising spaces!

You should know that most discussion boards offer you advertising spaces as well. Compare their sheets are below: [http://moneymakertalks.com/index.php?showtopic=1137]

You can see that placing banners on forums is very expensive and it will not necessarily yield results that you expect. We have heard different stories about people who got scammed by board admins. They paid for banners and they were never placed. We have heard this happen more than once so be very careful. Plan your budget accordingly and do not spend it all on one banner.

So costs are quite high. You may also notice that they are available on each forum which means that this service is not very popular. Why? Because it's expensive, it does not guarantee you success and there one more thing: a recent research has revealed that most programs advertised on discussion boards as sticky topics are nothing but scam. Now investors treat sticky topics with great caution and we would advise against using this method of program promotion because it will only give your program a bad name.

If you are still thinking about using "paid poster" services, than you should read an article here: [http://moneymakertalks.com/index.php?showtopic=972]. This article explains why you should not do it. Enjoy!

There is another promotion tool that can be used for investment programs promotion. This marketing tool is not that popular in HYIP industry yet but it has been used for years by marketing agencies all over the world.

Have you ever heard about hidden marketing? It's also known as guerrilla marketing, smart marketing or buzz marketing. Basically it means special marketing strategies to generate spontaneous attention to a service (or to an investment program in our case). Hidden marketing experts have many tricks up their sleeve that can make any program successful and they can offer targeted marketing campaigns as an effective solution to your promotional needs.

This whole concept has been very successful and large corporations like Microsoft, Google, Procter and Gamble use it to promote some of their products. This form of promotion really works because people are more inclined to believe word of mouth promotion more than conventional advertising because usually the promoter is satisfied with the service or products and he / she is eager to share his / her experience. It also work because the promoter is not trying to sell you anything, he / she is merely discussing it.

Various techniques are used for this kind of promotion. Most famous techniques implying using discussion boards or specialized blogs to spread the word about a new product / service. This does not cost as much as media advertising and such promotional campaigns are always targeted since blogs and discussion boards are carefully selected by promoters.

You can say that this is essentially what paid posters have been doing for ages but I will have to disagree. Read our survey once again here: [http://moneymakertalks.com/index.php?showtopic=972] and you will see that most paid posters do not have a clue about what they are doing. Posting "paid" comments and fake screenshots is not hidden marketing. On the contrary, it looks like a direct advertising to us. Do not you think so? All the posts are the same, they are not grammatically correct, and they repeat content and leave customers dissatisfied with their services. One thing about hidden marketing is that it usually stays hidden, it's minority and investors can tell it's there. They are not supposed to know that they are being marketed at all and most "paid posters" are not well disguised.

You can try to run a hidden marketing campaign yourself because most people think that it's very easy. We would suggest against this. The reasons are simple: you do not have the necessary tools and know-how to do it right. You can probably learn but it takes time so if you ever think about this type of promotion you should look for companies offering this services. It's easy to tell these companies from paid poster crowds: their emails do not contain mistakes, they have websites, they will usually offer you several plans for promotion and they will be willing to give you a trial period or demonstrate their previous work. They will always provide a campaign plan or agenda.

We believe that programs will have to change and program administrators will have to spend more time on them. Discussion boards will always transform into places for sharing experience and promotion skills will change as well. Paid posters will disappear because their services will no longer be needed because no one will believe simple paid comments anymore. HYIP world will change (hopefully for the better) and new approach to promotion will be a necessity. Get ready for it!


Source by John Etmann


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