Mafia in 1920s

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In the early twenties, Mussolini decided to clean Italy from the mafia. Around the country, particularly on the south, there are many successful arrest and ruthless trial, for which the Ferro himself ended up in prison, which leads to expansion of the American branch, because the Italians mass fleeing persecution across the ocean. In addition, they saw America as a potential country for good incomes through blackmail, prostitution, gambling and smuggling.

First, there is a very important name, which must never leave out in this context, Charles Luciano. Born in 1897th on Sicily, came America at the beginning of the 20 century. He would very quickly establish himself in New York Empire prostitution. He was known as the new "Capo di tutti Capi", and the first mafia godfather. Within the organization Five Points Gang led by John Torrio, and where he will meet Al Capone, Frankie Yale and others, he earned a lot of respect when, after a conflict, completed the trial and remained faithful to "Omerta".

Beside him, the US clan was led by Myer Lansky, who never became a full member because of non-Italian origin, was a specialist for the gambling. Benjamin Bugsy Siegel was a professional murderer who opened the first casino / hotel in Las Vegas, and whose murder was finally ordered by Lucky Luciano. Dutch Schultz was the main actor during prohibition.

We must not forget Alphonse Scarface Capone which connections with the mafia began when he was only 11 years. 1925 Torrio left him to take control of Chicago and of annual profit of 50 million dollars! After several assassination attempts and his vengeance known as Bloody Valentine, he was sent for nonpayment of taxes for 11 years in Alcatraz.

The aim of the Mafia was to protect its members and their interests in exchange for absolute loyalty and submission family. In addition, they believed that justice, honor and revenge, something that needs to be concerned by individuals and not government in which the most important law was Omerta, the law of silence. Adhering to the laws of the Mafia it has remained a secret society, open only for those with the Sicilian blood.

On the other hand, the American Mafia is shown as a completely cold and extremely inconsistent. It was consistent of the crowd celebrated a thief, and murderer robbers whose only goal was earning money by all possible illegal means.

The name of Cosa Nostra has a very specific meaning. Encyclopedia Britannica does not share their opinion, explaining that it was about small, private army called mafia. In New Orleans, on the other side of the Atlantic it is created the most powerful branch of the American Mafia. Exploring murder of Italian immigrants, police Detective David Hennessey discovered the activity of secret societies. He was killed, however, before the case came to the investigating judge. Don Vito, Vito Cascio Ferro, the first Sicilian Capo di Tutti Capi flied to America, before the arrest and conviction because of the abduction, extortion and threats, where was founded the organization Black Hand. Members were generally hardened criminals fled to Sicily, and Don Vito became known as the father of the American mafia, and as the person responsible for connecting the American and Sicilian clan.


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