The Movie "Emmanuel’s Gift" and the Law of Attraction

The Movie "Emmanuel’s Gift" and the Law of Attraction

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Emmanuel's gift is a beautiful film set in Ghana. It is the story of the evolvement of a country accepting the 10% of their population that are labeled "disabled," because of physical disabilities. It is a beautiful story of one young man named Emmanuel who, born disabled, moves an entire nation into a better place on this issue.

When Emmanuel was born his right leg was twisted and crooked. In Ghana it was believed that anyone born disabled was being punished for past wrongs. And so each disabled person was seen as a burden and a curse.

Emmanuels grandmother, auntie and parents spoke of how Emmanuel always saw himself as able. It was his belief that he could do what others could do. His parents did the unthinkable thing of enrolling him in a school for able bodied children.

At that time, in Ghana, disabled children did not go to school.Emmanuel did a very cool thing of getting himself a soccer ball, which he allowed others to rent from him as long as they allowed him to play too.

He went to Accra, a city many miles from his home all by himself, to shine shoes because he believed that in Accra there were more shoes to shine there.

Most disabled people would beg for money on the streets but Emmanuel did not find this appealing. Even though he made less money shining shoes he decided he would rather do this than beg.

In Accra, Emmanuel saw the plight of disabled people even more.

Emmanuel's emotional knowing that he could do and be more than others may have expected of him. His mother, who always saw his disability as a gift, instilled this belief in him before she died at 37 years of age.

He learned how to ride a bicycle and he filled out a grant request for help. He was asking for a bicycle and helmet and clothes so that he could reach out to others. He was thrilled to be able to ride a bike because it gave him more mobility.

His motivation was what powered his unfailing belief that he could be amazing. Through his wonderful optimism, he attracted coaching and financial support and friends to help him. He had the confidence and drive to connect with chiefs and other influential people, who were able to assist him.

During his first bike ride throughout Ghana, he got sponsored by people. His goal was to inspire other disabled people to become more than they thought they could be.

Opray Winfrey is the narrator of this film. She adds weight and clarity to the Ghana situation.

The cultural beliefs of Ghana were being challenged by Emmanuel. He attracted media, which resulted in thousands of people following him; this meant that influential people had to pay attention to his ventures.

People in the US learned of Emmanuel's situation and they invited him to the US to do an athletic event there.

An athlete in the US named Jim McLaren, who was an amazing athlete (football player), gets hit by a black van and he is launched into being a disable person too. He broke his neck and was told he would never move or feel again from the chest down. But he knew he could and would move and feel again. He lost himself for a while and his sense of enormous independence became so strong that his entire focus was on this independence.

Out of this experience he created a blessing; he realized that because of this accident he was able to influence so many others to create lives they never dreamed possible. He attracted Emmanuel and helped sponsor him in an athletic event in the US. In the US, Emmanuel attracted people who believed that was a good candidate for prosthesis. This prosthesis would allow him to walk like a normal person.

Rudy Garcia is introduced as a person who was given prosthesis and went on to be a world class athlete. Emmanuel was introduced to him and was inspired and in awe of him.

While Emmanuel was in the states, people around him, realized that they needed to be mindful of what he was going home to. When people realized that he earned $2.00 per day in Ghana they wanted to fund him out of their own pocket.

When Emmanuel was able to walk again, he decided to wear trousers for the first time and he decided that he did not need to use his stick anymore, he could walk on his own. He was so excited and happy on the day when his new leg would be installed. He had to have an operation to remove parts of his disabled leg to allow the prosthesis to fit properly. He then went into rehabilitation.

His unwavering optimism and confidence and knowing that all is well, attracted all of this to himself. Without knowing it, he had a knowing of the Law of Attraction. He knew how to attract an amazing live. The first day he could walk, he was stunned. He then went on to run, swim and bike. Rudy and Emmanuel became best of friends.

Rudy's love and life and knowing the wonder of who he really is was what moved him into stardom.

Both Emmanuel and Rudy competed in able-bodied races, and getting to the finish line was a given. They never faltered in their belief in themselves.

Able-bodied and disabled alike were in awe of him. From the moment he wrote the grant, things began to unfold for him. But really it all began before this, he thought himself into knowing that he would attract help. He did not know what this help would look like.

Soon in Ghana there were over 140 grant applications from other disabled people who were inspired by Emmanuel. His initial ride through Ghana had seemed like the inspiring moment for a nation to transform their knowing of the capabilities of their people. Disabled people were now beginning to be seen as country wide inspiring people.

The majority of the country had to be in a deep knowing of this possibility too, otherwise, it would not have happened.

This is such a wonderful example of how change can happen quickly when people are in alignment of thought and knowing that so much more that was possible. This is one of the premises of the Law of Attraction, when we are in alignment with thought, manifestation occurs.

When Emmanuel goes back to Ghana and participates in a national athletic event, he is surprised to see his real father. His father had abandoned his family a long time ago. His father spoke of how he felt at this time, not having resources or the knowing how to have done things differently. Emmanuel was able to forgive him.

Also, at this event, the chief of this town welcomed him and honored him and created a speech that inspired many others. Emmanuel spoke at this event, encouraging his fellow people to think big, rather than begging in the streets.

Emmanuel's family's faith in him helped him immensely. They never faltered in their pride and admiration of him.

This story is such a powerful message of the power of thought, emotion and purpose. The law of attraction in action for sure.

Some of the things that happened country - wide, was to attract help in the US that could make wheel chairs for many. One event was shown where wheel chairs were given to needing people.

Emmanuel received "The Casey Martin Award" from Nike in the US. In his speech, he spoke of how he would like to help his fellow Ghanaians. He won $50,000. in all and then he got help in how to make the best use of this money, creating scholarships for many others.

He participated in a bike riding event in San Diego and he won the most inspirational athlete in this event shaving almost 2 hours off of his previous time.

To top off his achievements he met the Ghanaian ambassador to the UN, who encouraged him to keep on keeping on.

What a wonderful movie. I recommend it to anyone who feels the desire to be brilliant and inspiring. Not only has Emmanuel helped himself, in the process, he has helped so many others too.


Source by Joanie McMahon


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