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There are various versions of bingo available and each one of them has its own exciting features. While playing with bingo cards, there are a number of different options. A conventional bingo card is arranged into a grid with five rows with five columns. Thus, a total of twenty five numbers can be arranged on a single card. Each of the letters of name of Bingo is placed at top of each of the columns, ie B, I, N, G, O are the five column names.

Each column has fifteen numbers starting from one in the first column. While playing bingo, a number is called and every time you need to make a tick on your card if that number happens to be on your card. There are various ways to win in a bingo game. If all numbers in any of the row in your card get called, either along any column or a row or along a diagonal or all the numbers in your card have been called, you need to call bingo.

The game is quite exciting due to the random orders in which the numbers are called; nobody has any idea what would be the next number. This game is quite addictive in nature due to the interesting features. Any one who gets hooked to the game would not stop and keep on playing it.

Every one has his / her own plans in playing the game and in choice of the cards. Thus, every one has a different chance of winning. However, whosoever is playing the game is bound to get enough amusement while playing. While playing online bingo, there are quite similarities with the conventional version in terms of playing method and the arrangement of numbers in the cards, although there are some differences in the procedure of marking the cards and calling of the numbers.

One of the biggest differences is regarding the choice of cards; All players are assigned cards by the site automatically. Thus, they do not have any control in that and the order of generation of cards is quite rare. This feature is both liked and disliked equally by the players. However, some traditional lovers of bingo do not like this feature of online bingo.

When the number is generated, it gets marked on your card automatically. Thus, online bingo helps you in reducing quite a lot of effort in playing by cutting the effort on marking and managing your card. This feature is helpful for those who wish to increase their chances of winning by collecting multiple cards.

Having many cards simultaneously would increase your chances of winning by a large amount. The system of automatic marking of numbers works well with some online bingo sites where you can have numerous cards at a single time. Further, while playing online, the number generation is random which removes possibility of human error.


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