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There are many types of Omaha poker. Use your favorite Internet search engine and the words Omaha poker for the search criteria, click search and see what comes up. By doing a little research you will notice to play Omaha poker you need to learn the language. For example, you have nut hands, straightforward nut hands and just your hands. I do not think nut hands are referring to the hands you eat peanuts with. Still do not be discouraged just do some research first.

There are many types of Omaha poker , such as Omaha HiLo, Omaha8, Omaha split and more. For now we'll just start out with how to play Omaha. Except for the rule on playing the board all the rules of regular Holdem apply to playing Omaha. Omaha hands consist of three of the five community board cards, plus two cards from each player's hand - always three off the board, always two out of the hand. You can use the same or different card combinations to make your high hand and your low hand (if any), but you always use two from your hand, three from the board.

You should try to play Omaha poker online. I mean come on to play Omaha poker how hard can it be; you have your straight forward (basically truth telling, up front), hands, flops, nuts, and Omaha ... sounds like Nebraska to me. So go play Omaha poker, it sounds like Nebraska, you learn the rules, sit back, relax, cross your fingers for luck to win, and enjoy.


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