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If you watch poker tournaments on television or have visited casinos you'll see that poker chips come in many different colors. It can sometimes be confusing because it's hard to keep up with how much a particular chip may be worth. This is due to the fact that each casino has its poker chips specifically designed and manufactured. A casino will put its unique logo on a chip so it will not be confused with one from another casino. The chips are also designed to be difficult to forge.

You will not see any plastic poker chips at casinos, they all use clay chips. Actually these chips are no longer made of clay because the clay chips wear out too quickly. Instead they are made of composite ceramic, but the name has stuck. At most casinos the smallest denomination of poker chips $ 5.00 although some casinos will have $ 1.00 chips. Do not get these chips confused with others such as those used at the roulette table, which often have no logo and come in smaller denominations.

If you're in the market for poker chips you have a lot of different manufacturers to choose from. You can order clay chips to your specifications or you can order the less expensive plastic chips. The plastic chips are the ones most frequently used for neighborhood poker games. A standard set of plastic chips comes in three to five colors. A set of three includes white, red, and blue with the white chip being worth $ 1.00, the red $ 5.00, and the blue $ 10.00. If green and black chips are added their values ​​are $ 20.00 and $ 100.00 respectively. So enjoy a good poker game soon.


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