Use These Five Poker Tournament Tips to Take Your Game to Another Level

Use These Five Poker Tournament Tips to Take Your Game to Another Level

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Tournament poker tips are what you need to learn how to play tournament poker correctly. Poker Tournaments different from cash games and it can be very difficult to achieve success without a vast knowledge of th game. It's the main reason the same player faces keep popping up on the television set. They understand the game and have far and above the ability of an average player. The do not need any tournament poker tips, they already have a master level skill set.

Let's push you game to another level with these five poker tournament tips.

  1. Play in Position - I see this over and over playing online and live. You need to play position and play it well. Honestly, you can play any hand you want from any position you want. You just have to understand your image and your opponents. If you are playing in position and paying attention, you can steal all kinds of pots pre flop from loose aggressive players. But, never steal from the tight players. They are usually holding the goods when they enter a pot.
  2. Play the table - You can probably be told this a hundred times and still not be able to implement it until you get some guts. Play the exact opposite as your table. Suppose every hand played is getting four or five callers. It would be considered loose play, at these tables you stay tight and in position. Now if no one is very active, you need to loosen up and play more hands. Take the table over at these moments and you can build a nice chip stack without too many confrontations.
  3. AK - Play Ak correctly. You need to raise with and you need to know when to fold it. Sooner or later you will have to race with it. Meaning trying to improve your hand on the flop or later streets. But, if you raise with AK and get four calllers and miss the flop. You are folding AK, do not try to bluff or make a continuation bet. Your hand is over.
  4. Bubble play - The bubble is a great place to be when you have a nice chip stack. You need to exploit every bubble you make and raise a non stop and attempt to bust out of the tournament. The bubble is where you can accumulate a massive amount of chips, just by playing very aggressive. Even short chip stacks can pummel chips stacks of their own size. If you have not tried to bust out of a tournament on the bubble, you are missing a great poker tournament tip.
  5. Aggressive wins - Stop calling, I know but you have 87s on the button and want to play a flop. Calling is for losers, now it does not mean you can not call. Here is what I mean. You have 10J suited on the button and an early position raises and picks up 3 callers and your next to act. You are probably getting the odds to just flat call and it is the right play. Now same scenario, but no one has called the early position raise and you decide to play your hand you need to reraise and take control of the pot. Everyhand you play is yours till the little voice inside says stop!

Take the poker tournament tips to the online table or you favorite home game and crush your passive opponents.

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