Poker Strategy – What Does "Chasing Cards" Mean?

Poker Strategy – What Does "Chasing Cards" Mean?

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There's so much to learn about playing poker and to become a really good poker player you have to know as much about the game as possible. There's all kind of terminology you have to learn. "Bluffing", "Stealing", "Blinds", Double-Blinds ", etc. It can all become pretty confusing. Before sitting down at a table to play, you'll need to be aware of all the terminology used or you may A term you make hear come up pretty often is "Chasing Cards". Chasing cards hoping they arrive to make your hand is extremely dangerous. Don't do it! You'll waste chips chasing and you'll lose them with the odds against you.

Say you have TJ again pre-flop. Limp in cheaply. Flop is 6, 7, 8. You think that's
not bad for you because if a 9 shows on the turn or river you'll have a straight.
Somebody throws out a tasty bet. You call. Turn card is a 3. Still your opponent
bets. You think "oh well, another few chips to see if I can get the nine on the
river. "But it doesn't arrive. Your opponent shows it hand at the showdown and
flips over 9 T. He'd got his straight on the flop and had you dead in the water all
the way.

You've lost a huge portion of your chip stack chasing a dream, ruined your
chances of that top three finish and a return on your tournament entry fee.
Don't chase - I don't advice it at all. I is way too risky!


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