Poker Tragedy – Bad Beats

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I Reckon you've heard this over millionfold - "Poker is not a game of luck." It is not not - for certain. Poker is entirely about holding the skills. Yeah, luck may reign over skill but surely in the short-term. Luck can not explain how come we catch so many familiar faces in the final tournament tables, can it? -Skill can. But naturally, we can not avert the reality that there is and will forever be an element of luck in Texas Holdem.

While a player becomes lucky and beats you in the least anticipated manner, it's referred to as a bad beat. Reckon you were an whelming favorite to take a pot ahead of the flop, turn or river; but you got beat in the end, only then you are able to call it a bad beat. Notice that there's a vast difference between a bad beat and a bad play. Beats happen because you were playing the correct game with the right calculation and firm odds but got beat in the end. This can occur frequently because reasons and odds can never insure winning outcomes in poker. On the other hand, bad play is when you had the opportunities to win or steal or to protect a pot and you did not, ensuing in a beat you did not expect or can not swallow. New players frequently mix these two up.

As tragic as it might seem, beats go on a great deal, overwhelmingly often. Nobody is resistant to it. Both the old players and the new players incur beats. The only difference is the experienced sharks acknowledge that it's a part of the game, where the fishes have much more trouble accepting it. Regardless how experienced the player is - it's always really hard to cope with a bad beat psychologically. This could in the end affect your gameplay and may determine your decisions in a negative way. This state is often stated as 'being on tilt'.

The great thing about beats is that it shows you're doing correctly. Yeah, bad beats signal that your decision was right but your opponent got lucky, applying you a bad beat. Bad beats will not last forever. So if you're getting many bad beats, give you're self some credit - maybe a pat on the back, because you're playing perfectly. And you should not alter your game-play. You want to never change your scheme based on short term results. Recall, this is only a stage which will soon end and you're going to continue as the favorite in the long haul.


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