Revivification of Consanguinity to Curtail Fanaticism

Revivification of Consanguinity to Curtail Fanaticism

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Man is a social animal; Therefore, he is dependent upon others for his social needs. The presence of viable social institutions is mandatory to groom the people into reasonable citizens having a balanced approach. In the contemporary world, fate of economic, religious, political and family institutions is ubiquitously in the doldrums. Therefore, the number of enlightened smut-hounds and moderate cool cats is continuously dwindling. The degraded social institutions indoctrinate erratic emotions that dominate personality of a wooly back and hothead pussyfooter. Thus tentacles of immoderations ensnare him permanently and squeeze him perpetually. Although, the crackpot man has made much progress but ironically all his progress is counter progress. Professor Jody precisely pointed towards the deterioration of humanity in these words, "Man has learned to fly in the air like birds and admitted the skill to swim in the water like fish but he failed to find out how to walk on the earth like human. "

Family is a fundamental unit and key social institution for appropriate socialization by indoctrinating forbearance in individual through controlling conflicts of inconsistent lyricisms. Therefore, the people who upbringing is done in an apposite way become sensible and conscientious smart guys, and vice versa. Almost all of the obstinate lunkhead yobbos victimized by aberrant passions have some vacuum in their personal development. Human persona is like empty transparent vessel. It would reflect what you infuse in it. The kith and kin care about each other's business; Therefore, there is emotional attachment among members of kinship. Strength and solidarity of consanguinity depends upon magnitude of affiliation and coherence of bond among its members. Majority of needs of individuals are met through family; Therefore, it is a source of affection, satisfaction and recreation. It acts as a shield to protect its entities from wiles of strangers and dangers between race perpetuation.

Each family inherits a system of nomenclature with pertinent culture, traditions, values ​​and norms. Psychologists are of view that mental growth of moppets and bubs completes within first five years. After this duration there is only polishing of characters with diverse life experiences. Therefore, one can assess circumstances of a family circle from behaviors of its elements because actions of a person reflect his family background. David Farrington, British crime psychologist, rightly said in his article printed in The Times (London) (May 19, 1994), "Problem children tend to grow up into problem adults and problem adults tend to produce more problem children." (1)

As mother is heart of each family, therefore, she can provide open-minded Comstocks and modest wowsers to society. It is an open secret that if unfortunately a mother breathes her last during early age of her nippers, their chances of ruining mount manifold. However, if unluckily father kicks the bucket, in majority of the cases mother can properly tend her or kiddiewinks devrived of shadow of male parent. Napoleon Bonaparte suitably said, "Give me a good Mother; and I will give you good nation." "(2)

There is no alternative for parents. They have unbounded love for their children. It happens once in a blue moon that siblings after becoming adult respect and look after their old parents, as they love and philanthropize them through life. Crumb-crushers imitate their parents; Therefore, most of the parents who spruce up their dustbin lids excelently get a hold of blessing in the form of obedient jumping cats and vice versa. Majority of diddybops of broken families are spoiled due to indulgence in bad companies. These grunge rootiepoots searching mental contentment are reduced of strong opinions and security. Therefore, religious and vulgar extremists can easily entice them by providing transitory mental satisfaction. Subsequently, they can be used by zealots for nefarious agendas through brainwashing.

Well-educated mothers lick into shape their ankle-biters by inculcating moral values ​​and ethical principles. Lap of mother is said to be the first institution of learning. Therefore, education of mother is indicative to polish her sprigs to workable members of a society. Indian religious leader Ruby Manikan said, "If you educate a man you educate a person, but if you educate a woman you educate a family." (3) Women have been physically tortured, mentally strained, socially ridiculed, politically marginalized and economically exploited in our gender biased patriarchal society. In our feudal culture male community is ruling the roost; Therefore, raising a voice for women rights in such stagnant ambiance is to show red rag to male chauvinist feudal bulls. Consequently, fundamental rights of females are hanging in the balance. The leading top cats must hammer into their minds that no nation can make progress by carefully keeping half of its population sidelined in all avenues of national life. Children can not be nourished in streets and day care centers. They need a home because production and rearing of a chickabiddy is only done in place of abode in the best possible way. A home remains incomplete without mother. In the western countries, official duty is 8-12 hours with two holidays at the weekend. High cost of living and capitalism has ensnared people of the west. Therefore, parents can not give sufficient time to their rug rats and leave them in day care centers. The doddering needles are bound to bear the brunt of old houses. In the western societies this degeneration of family has given birth to individualism, selfishness and distrust. Due to dilapidation of kinship casinos, dance clubs, splurging mushy wingdings, cinemas, bawdyhouses and beaches are the excellent places of entertainment and monstrous fountainheads of innumerable social evils in these glittering countries.

The western people have been harvesting bitter fruits of this blatant genealogy degradation in the form of progressively increasing tempos of uncontrolled extramarital relations, constantly on the rise digits of homosexual adventures, steadily increasing numbers of rapes, continuing rising figures of illegitimate children, swiftly mounting divorce Rates, rapidly growing suicide rates, quickly escalating sexually transmitted diseases like AIDS, Hepatitis B and syphilis, and hastily upward numerals of deeply affecting psychological illnesses, etc. To telescope a cherry in the unbridled sexually lavish western civilization is becoming problematic.

People of same gender in the West avoid shaking, hugging and staying together to avoid label of nonconformist. They live with their opposite sex happily even without marriage in order to avoid costly and lengthy court procedure vis-à-vis divorce. US columnist Dave Barry presented this gloomy picture in following words, "All life is bad, but family life is worse." (4) Legitimacy of gay marriages and licensing of cathouses in some of the grubby cultured developed countries are zeniths of repercussions of hearth and home ruin. These degraded civilizations are treading on the course of self-immolation. Renowned poet Allama Muhammad Iqbal forecast this social ruin in these golden words, "Tumhari tehzeeb apne khanjar se aap he khud kushi kare gi; Jo shakhe nazuk pe asheana bane ga na-paidar ho ga." (5) (Your civilization would commit suicide with your own dagger; the nest that is formed on the delicate twig would be shaky.)

Due to intermingling of opposite genders in our West-inspired society at educational institutions, neighborhoods, offices, etc., the development of sensual attachments among couples and love marriages are becoming very common. Some of these nuptials are successful but majority of them culminate in divorce because such twains lose their top most ambition and goal after marriage. In most of the cases the families of one or both spouses have an aversion to such wedding. Parents of some couples reject them and they set a house apart from their relatives. No one can play role in case of ignition of a family conflict. Therefore, majority of the run-away matches conclude in civil litigations and termination of conjugality. Abuse of drugs of addiction, involvement in crimes, selling of kidneys to stand on their own feet, entangling in the snare of devious persons and committing of suicide is very common among these couples.

Today, divorce seems to be the penicillin to cure all marriage related tribulations in the West. Married couples who are struggling with personal and business gauntlets do not bother to fix the problem to avoid divorce. Instead, they overlap it and see divorce as an easy, expedient conclusion to a bad marriage. Now, a divorce is cooking for the odd stick fat-arse author of 'The Satanic Verses' and his Top Chef host wife, Padma Lakshmi, but it was a little unclear who was stirring the pot. Lakshmi, 36 said that she "has agreed with her husband-author, Salman Rushdie, to end their marriage." (6) in a statement released by her publicist, Christina Papadopoulos. The statement issued by the host of the hit Bravo reality cooking show and the author of the Easy Exotic cookbook continued to say , "After an eight-year relationship including over three years of marriage, Lakshmi regrets that their mutual efforts failed to make the marriage Work. " (7) It means that the sewer mouth alligator and the paraffin lamp splash have five years spurious correlation that is a pictogram of novelty in the western culture.

The traditional joint family system acts as a small economic unit. The members of the clan work cohortly and share their feelings that help them in socialization and development of tolerance. In these alliances, there are moral values, ethical principals, social customs and collective traditions that are compulsory primary instruments to keep check and balance on individuals. Now the numbers of extended families is continuously shrinking due to their replacement with nuclear families. Due to idealization of the western culture individualism and materialism have given birth to egocentrism. Owing to veto of people at home there is a formal decline of moral and religious control on the populace.

Millions of people in the West lead an individual life. This individualism has generated selfishness and psychological illnesses in the western society. On April 16, 2007, on the Virginia Teck Campus in Blacksburg, Viginia (US) Seung-Hui Cho of South Korea murdered 32 people and injured 25 before committing suicide, making it the deadliest shooting in modern US history. He was suffering from psychological illness due to living an individual life that resulted in a blood-spattered untoward incident. Eat, drink and be merry has become the sole aim of life in the advanced countries. Now the effects of this inhuman degeneration have permeated in posh areas of the developing countries that idealize western civilization. They must bear in mind that there is something beyond leisure that distinguishes man from animals.

Each nation is a throng of families and each family is a bunch of its members. Therefore, good families breed a good nation. The world is facing the spate of fanaticism, terrorism and suicide bombing. Therefore, there is crying need of rejuvenation of family institutions to alleviate the menace of extremisms and to develop tolerance in society. Media should launch an unprecedented crusade for promoting unity and fraternity among the individuals instead of promoting eccentricity. Parents should indoctrinate moral principles and ethical values ​​in their siblings instead of sumptuously spending on materialistic schooling. They are bound to provide learning to their children in all arenas of life. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, "No present or gift of a parent, out of all gifts and presents to a child, is superior to a good liberal education."

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Source by Dr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti


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