Security, Surveillance and Access Control

Security, Surveillance and Access Control

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Knowing that only a deadbolt and glass separates your business' assets from would-be burglars or vandals can be disconcerting.

Thinking about the impact of such an incident at your business can cause many sleepless nights.

How are you sleeping?

Benefits of Security and Surveillance systems:

Whether you're a large retailer with multiple stores or a small business with a single office, a good security and surveillance system can make your business safer, more efficient, and less prone to theft and accidents. Other benefits include:

Reduced shrinkage by catching shoplifters.

Deter potential thieves.

Monitor cash registers and integrate cameras with point of sale systems.

Record evidence to prevent bogus accident claims.

Motion based IP cameras that can use existing network infrastructure and off-the-shelf storage systems.

Identify visitors and employees.

Monitor hazardous work areas.

Increase security in and around business premises and parking lots.

Meet insurance requirements.

Remote monitoring capabilities with e-mail and other notifications.

FBI studies report that unprotected buildings/stores are three times more likely to be robbed or vandalized than those protected by electronic security systems.

Benefits of Access Control systems:

Access Control Systems permit authorized employees in and out of designated areas while denying access to unauthorized employees or individuals. Systems can range from a simple keypad to a complete networked system for multiple buildings and locations.

Besides saving space on your keychain or in your purse, electronic access control has other benefits:

Increased security.

Allows entry to only those who are authorized and keeps out unwelcome intruders.

Electronic key cards are nearly impossible to duplicate making your access system much more secure than with physical keys.

Provides an audit trail and a complete history log of who is accessing your facility and when.

Can be integrated with surveillance systems for video retrieval from all access doors.

Can be integrated with parking lots, gates, and time and attendance systems.

Eliminate all the problems associated with mechanical key and lock systems such as replacing all locks and keys if a key is lost or stolen or an employee is terminated.

You only have to remember one key. With electronic access your key code grants you access to every door you are authorized to open.

Electronic access control is completely customizable for every user.

Factors to consider when selecting solutions for security/surveillance and access control:

Video Surveillance

What do you want to monitor? Do you want to see faces, vehicles, merchandise, long distances?

What video quality do you need?

Will you use motion-initiated recording or simply record all video?

If you are recording video, how long do you need to store the recording?

Is your priority to deter potential crimes or catch the perpetrators?

Access Control

How secure does the system need to be? Do you need thumbprint scanning or will a card or key fob do?

Do users need authorization to leave an area as well as enter?

Do you want to integrate with a time tracking system?

Do you need to integrate with a video surveillance system?

How many doors, parking lot gates, etc. do you need to control?


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