Sexy Texting Games to Have Fun All Night Long

Sexy Texting Games to Have Fun All Night Long

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When you're in love, sometimes nights can be long. However, the tossing and turning can be replaced with sexy texting games, to ensure that the night becomes steamy and exciting. The games take you out of your comfort zone into a world of sexual exploration as you text your man. There's no harm in engaging in these games and as matter of fact they should be happening more often in your relationship.

Try one of these sexy texting games, play them with your boyfriend and create the all-important sexual connection with him tonight;

SMS flirting... Flirting is the bedrock of playing sexy games with your man. SMS flirting involves having a romantic exchange of messages that are meant to tease your partner in a naughty way. You can start by being mild at first. For instance you can start by telling him you like some parts of his body like his lips and the way he uses them to kiss you.

You should expect him to respond by telling you which parts of your body he likes and as the exchange becomes more and more intense, tell him you like his penis and the way he uses it on you. I wonder how he will respond to this one.

The pet nickname game... Find a peculiar character in your man and give him a pet nickname based on it. If you decide to give him a cat pet name for instance, you can play a game by asking him which breed of a cat he would be. Joke about it and ask him if he would eat you up if you were a mouse.

You can decide to be a cat as well an engage in playful games that cats get involved in. Warn him that you'd beat him bad if you were engaged in a fight and of course he will come out to defend himself. Try a number of pet names and don't forget to add a sexual twist to it.

The role-playing game... Role playing over the phone can be one of the sexy texting games you can engage in with your boyfriend. Start by telling him a sexy story and he will have to make his own addition to his story. In the same breath let him tell you a sexy story and you make your additions as well.

For instance, you can say, "a certain hot young man met a sexy girl in a party" and then he responds "and he really got attracted to her". You may reply "the girl liked the man too and couldn't keep her eyes off him", and then he responds "he approached her and asked for her number that she gladly gave". As the story continues you're most likely to engage in steamy exchanges that will leave both of you really turned on.

The good thing with role-playing games is that you can go on and on as the responses will be geared towards making the story as exiting and long as possible.

The stripping over text game... This game involves making your partner strip naked over a text, literally. To play the game, start by asking him how many clothes he is wearing and reveal the same to him as well. Keep in mind that this includes the undies as well when playing these sexy texting games.

You will ask him a question based on the experiences you've had in your relationship. It could be just about anything, for instance the first line he used on you when you met or what transpired on the first date. He will ask you relationship questions as well. Whoever gets the question wrong removes a piece of clothing.

This should go on and on until both of you are totally naked. To make it more sensual, you can decide to exchange pictures as each one of you removes the clothes.

Sexy texting games will help you deal with anxieties and nervousness especially if you're in a new relationship. They go a long way in helping you discover your partner's hidden sexual desires and fantasies. The only important thing to remember is that you should not take anything personal. You should play them purely on the basis of trying to explore each other's sexual prowess with the ultimate goal being to make your relationship fun-filled and exciting.


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