Ruffa Gutierrez and Yilmaz Bektas

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A prevailing issue in the entertainment industry when it comes to celebrity marriage was the issue of separation, annulment and divorce. Though its legalization in the country has long been and is continuously being debated, most celebrity couples tend to disregard the hullabaloo caused by such matter. Taking into account the recent issue faced by the former beauty queen and actress Ruffa Guttierrez with his Turkish husband Yilmaz Bektas. The four-year married life of the actress has been decided to bring to an end for reasons that up to now were quite vague and ambiguous for all the viewing public.

Last 8th of May news boomed in the show business industry that Ruffa was about to file an annulment suit so as to end her ineffective marriage with his husband. Assumptions then filled the thoughts of many people as to what the real reason for their split up was. But the public's criticizing eyes have been drawn to Ruffa as she and her mother Annabelle Rama started to appear in several entertainment shows while stating their individual explanation and accounts regarding the issue. An interview with Ruffa by the Philippine star yielded a strong answer, "The issue is not love, its self-respect." Another possible reason that rose was their "cultural differences," Ruffa was a born Christian but when she married Yilmaz, in order to pay respect for his husband she decided to have her religion converted to Islam. Though in one of her blog entries she said, "I did convert to Islam shortly after I married Yilmaz, but as I continuously read the Koran and books about Islam, Yilmaz and I also read the Bible. Knowledge is power." Reports recently insinuated that Ruffa already returned to Christianity.

Conclusion that Ruffa was a battered wife also stung the thoughts of the viewers as she appeared to be a lamenting wife on an interview with Boy Abunda at the Buzz. When repeatedly asked whether she was a battered wife the actress just wept. She told him that there are really things that she will never understand about Yilmaz culture and vice versa. She even said that it took her seven years to realize all of it and ended her statement by saying that Filipinos are known for being patient. Appealing to the Filipina mothers for sympathy she said that in one year it would really be impossible to cause a single argument to end a marriage for some it takes them 30 years or more to swallow all the pain and frustrations just for the sake of their children. Their cultural difference has been an issue due to the fact that she never seems to understand why they have to beat up women.

To answer the issues raised upon him in the country last May 12, Yilmaz released his official statement through an email with Startalk saying:

"On the date of May 8, 2007, I was obliged to give the second most important decision in human life--divorce. Unfortunately, the cause of this decision was once again my wife's close relations and one materialist relative of her who take advantage over my wife and who have poor conscience and honor." Nobody ever thought that Yilmaz would still end up calling Ruffa a traitor in the most current interview with ABS-CBN. He also said that he loved Ruffa but he would have to set aside everything after all that has happened.

With both of them voicing their individual and disparate justifications which lead to their life-changing decision still left the public bemused as to what the real reason may be. Yet one thing about them is evident, what started as an envious and world-class marriage of the couples Ruffa and Yilmaz now came close to end with bitter commentaries from each sides.


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