Shocking Non Traditional Advertising Ideas

Shocking Non Traditional Advertising Ideas

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Marketing your business, your idea, your passion or even yourself can be confusing at times. Perhaps you think you have done all the right things to make your presence known. You have signed up for all the popular social networking sights. You have joined neighborhood networking groups, area business chambers and even managed to break away from your actual "work" day to attend those monthly social at local drinking establishments, only to find the same faces, the same networkers telling the same story. You have been pounding away at this wheel spinning task for what looks like 1800 lunch meetings ago with out a lot of reward to show for all your hard work; not to mention your larger waistline from the network lunch buffets at Olive Garden.

So what's the big secret to getting noticed? What's a sure-fire way to get that second look ? What's the secret formula for the Crabby Patty? Wait! That's something entirely different and completely unrelated to this story! Or is it? Although Crabby Patties really has nothing to do with your company or how you do business, just the mere fact that it was taken a second look. You continued reading, right? The funky fish patty swallow by the masses in Bikini Bottom actually do have some significance here. Take a bite and read on!

It is really very simple-a bit daring, but simple nonetheless. You have to be willing to put yourself out there in every aspect. You have to be willing to wear pink when everyone else is still wearing black to a formal affair. It's way too competitive out there in the bottomless pit of communication and media. Sometimes the secret is not really what's in the Crabby Patty but more so how you present that yummy, delicious, one-of-a-kind, gotta have it, flame broiled, fish saucer to the very hungry world.

1) Shock Their Socks Off

It's not enough to just throw your idea, your product , your passion out to the universe and hope that some nice consumers are going to magically think this is the best concept they have ever heard of. No, you have to add the tasty bun, the juicy pickle, the special sauce and deliver it in a shocking yet effective way --- although on a large platter lined in gold. In other words, sometimes you just have to shock their company socks right off of them. Here is a great example of the shock method that actually worked for a trucking business owner who was trying to make a sale on 5 trucks.

The business owner had tried to make a sale with this certain company in North New Jersey --- not the easiest bunch of business owners to deal with. There were 5 trucks on the line for a possible sale. The trucking business owner saddled up 5 guys, 5 shiny new trucks complete with all the bells and whistles and headed up a convoy from Pennsylvania where his corporate office is located to the North jersey destination. There was no warning email. There was no phone call ahead of time. They just did it. The five shiny trucks with its five enthusiasts drivers made a daring move. That bright idea from the trucking company owner created a buzz among his competition and shocked not owner the buyers of the trucks but the competition as well. He shocked his way to a smoother road along the way and a big sale!

Try something shocking!


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