Some Options For Managing Your Poker Bankroll

Some Options For Managing Your Poker Bankroll

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One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to managing their poker bankroll has to do with removing money from that bankroll too early. If you are making a charge towards the higher levels of poker, you need to have a growing bankroll in order to justify the increase in the level of the blinds and antes that will accompany such a charge. However, there are many people that withdraw from their poker bankroll everything above what they initially put in, considering these particular things to be the start of their poker profit. There is nothing wrong with doing that if you do not mind staying at your current level for all time, but otherwise you need to leave that money there in order to allow your poker bankroll to grow.

For someone that just does not have the ability or the discipline necessary to see their bankroll growing without getting something out of it, one possible suggestion may be the double / half rule that many people today also use. The rule is a very simple one. All you have to do is wait for your bankroll to double and then you can withdraw half of the increase. This means that if you start with a bankroll of $ 100, you can wait for it to double to $ 200 and then withdraw $ 50 (half of the $ 100 increase) to use as you will elsewhere.

This allows you to enjoy some of your winnings while at the same time allowing your poker bankroll to increase and for this reason it is a good compromise suggestion. However, most serious poker players would gain a lot more by leaving that $ 50 in their bankroll and moving up to the next limit than they would by withdrawal that $ 50, which more than likely would have been spent on something that was not really necessary in the first Place.

While the double / half rule does do a good job of moderating some of the circumstances that exist between the need to use poker winningswhere and the desire to build up one's bankroll, there are other course variations that you can do with it. Some people have created a triple / half variation of the rule that would see a larger amount of time pass before any actual withdrawals were done. Under the triple / half rule, a $ 100 bankroll would have to make it to $ 300 before $ 100 was received gradually. The advantage with this rule is that the bankroll you are left with after withdrawal is going to be good enough most of the time for you to advance up one level, but the disadvantage is that the tripling will take longer than the doubling for you to accomplish At the same rate of winning.


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