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Matt Donovan Profile


Matt can easily be described as an All-American, boy-next-door type with overall good looks. He is a tall and athletic man with blue eyes and blonde hair. Throughout most of the pilot episode, he is wearing a red and black Mystic Falls Timberwolves jacket.


Matt is a very loyal, protective and caring person. He is kind and good-natured, always showing great concern for the health, welfare and virtue of his sister, Vicki. Despite his breakup with Elena Gilbert, he also lets Stefan know that he cares about her and would do anything he could for her. Due to his relationship with his sister and irresponsible mother, he has started to grow up sooner and become more independent.


· Mother - Kelly Donovan

· Father - Estranged

· Sister - Vicki Donovan

Character Relationships:

Elena Gilbert:

At one time, Matt and Elena were in a relationship. They broke up due to the stress of her parents deaths because she needed to work things out. Matt tells Bonnie that he wants to continue his relationship with her, but he thinks that it is too late. Elena's description of their relationship is "that friend since childhood that you start dating because you owe it to yourselves to see if you can be more". Elena also says she didn't have a passionate relationship with him.

Although no longer in a relationship with Elena and coming to the realization that they aren't going to be getting back together, Matt tells Stefan he would do anything he could for Elena. The two have apparently known each other most of their lives and did a lot of 'firsts' together. Matt also says that he was best friends with Elena at one time.

Vicki Donovan:

Vicki is the older sister to Matt and he cares for her a lot: staying with her while, she recovers in the hospital, rushing to find her when she goes missing a few times and heading straight to the Gilbert home to help when he finds out she's in trouble.

Vicki tells Damon that their mother is often not around and that they never really knew who their father was. This suggests that the two siblings are all each other really has when it comes to a family. Matt is also likely the only person that really looks out for Vicki. After Stefan erases Vicki's memory in the hospital, she becomes very playful with him.

In a dream, Vicki calls him 'Matty' and also in a later episode when she's distressed. This suggests the siblings have a familiarity and comfort. However, while Vicki is with Damon it also suggests that she resents Matt to some point for being the successful one going to college on a football scholarship while she doesn't have much of a future.

Matt definitely doesn't seem happy when Tyler makes sexual advances towards Vicki and prefers her to have a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert. He's even prepared to leave Jeremy and her alone while she's supposed to be resting. Matt does tell Elena that he thinks it is weird his sister and brother are dating because he is Elena's ex-boyfriend.

Tyler Lockwood:

In the pilot, Tyler and Matt are hanging out at the Mystic Grill. Matt doesn't like the idea that Tyler has a relationship with his sister Vicki. Matt is even more upset by Jeremy's implication that Tyler sexually forced himself on Vicki. Matt is suspicious of Tyler, suggesting that while they are friends it certainly isn't a close one. The two fight in the locker room during a football game, where Matt says he is tired of Tyler's bully nature. Since this time, it appears they don't hang out together, although Tyler does try to come to Matt to offer sympathy when Vicki goes missing and offers to help look for her. Their friendship seems to be recovering as they start to play basketball together, discuss relationships and Tyler gets a ride home from Matt after a bad night at the career fair at school.

Stefan Salvatore:

At first, Matt doesn't trust Stefan because of Elena's interest in him. However, Matt is enough of a gentleman to introduce himself to Stefan rather than simply ignoring him. After Vicki is attacked, Matt's suspicions take him directly to Stefan. Matt is so suspicious that he follows Stefan when he sees him in the hospital visiting Vicki and is upset when Stefan disappears. When Vicki disappears from the Mystic Grill Matt goes to look for Stefan and is openly suspicious of him. However, Matt becomes genuinely grateful to Stefan when he finds out that he helped return Vicki safely. Matt tells Elena that Stefan can actually be a nice guy while playing a game of pool. Matt appears to have regained enough trust in order to follow Stefan's order about Vicki when he doesn't know how to help her as she become a vampire.

Caroline Forbes:

Matt says he knew Caroline since the first grade although he didn't really like her. Damon verbally attacks Caroline so she gets drunk and talks to Matt about her problems. They become friends after Matt says he knows what it feels like to be alone. While it was rocky at first, Caroline and Matt start dating. Elena and Matt's dating history often make Caroline jealous because they are still close.

Kelly Donovan:

Kelly is Matt's mother; she is not home a lot and often goes off with boyfriends. Matt says he can't rely on her and this shows that they have a distant relationship. However, when Matt helps his drunken mom home she admits that when Pete left her she came home for her children because she knew Matt would never leave. While Matt is willing to give her a second chance, the stress of Vicki's disappearance and Kelly's later actions provide the last straw for Matt. Matt scolds her even though she is heartbroken and crying. He tells her to leave and that is life is better off without her.

Random Facts:

· His middle initial is G.

· He often shortens other people's names such as Vicki - Vic, Tyler - Ty, Jeremy - Jer and Caroline - Car.

· His jersey number 6 and he is the quarterback for the football team.

· It is suggested that his family history is Irish.

· He is a big fan of Family Guy.

· At eight years old, Matt wanted to be an astronaut and wore tin foil on his head.


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