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Viewsat FTA receiver also known as free to air receiver is used to receive free to air channels that are available and free. Free to air channels offer many TV channels including movies, sports, news, comedy and many more. Most people think that it is no such thing as free television but with a viewsat FTA receiver and a 33 inch dish you will be able to receive hundreds of free channels. these channels have been free for years and are the constantly rising amount of new customers free to air providers are starting to ad more and more channels.

Once you purchase your viewsat FTA receiver it will come preloaded with a factory file, the factory file it's equipped with all the necessary options to receive free to air channels. Over time the factory files get updated and you will be required to load new updated files to improve your system and ad additional options. Viewsat satellite receivers have also been used to receive encrypted satellite signals by loading a modified file that is often called FTA file or fix file, these files will ad the additional option to view all available satellite signals. The satellite providers are aware of this situation so they are constantly changing their encryption program in hopes to stop piracy.

Since all the signals are traveling by air it is impossible for satellite providers to find out if someone is stealing their signal so all they can do is change the encryption program but the viewsat coders can write the new FTA file within a few hours. This cat and mouse game has been going on for years and the satellite providers have finally won the war by changing their encryption to Nagravision 3. The viewsat coders are working on making new FTA files but this challenge may take months or more. Most viewsat customers believe that there receiver its useless now because they do not understand that this receiver was made to receive a free to air channels that are still available and free of charge.

A simple adjustment of the dish to receive satellite signals from the free to air satellite's will open hundreds of free channels. There is many FTA websites that can guide you with instructions and updated factory files, currently the best available place is FTA as it is very user-friendly and has all the available information and files for your viewsat FTA receiver.


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