What Is The Sense Of Poker?

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Many people ask whether poker is a game of luck or skill. Actually, it is somewhere in between, especially when you consider the short and long term aspects of this challenging and thoughtful game. The person who makes few mistakes during a hand, wins the most money in the long run, where on the other hand the person who makes the biggest mistakes in the long run, looses the most amount of money. It is not about winning every single hand or pot, rather about making fewer mistakes than your opponents do.

The fact that the cards are dealal randomly, means that you have absolutely no control or influence on which cards you will receive next hand, makes it clear that only the one who makes the smartest and most profitable moves during each poker game wins the most amount of money. It is been said that nobody can control good or bad luck, but the only thing somebody can control is himself, the action and decisions that he makes.

If you are continuously making your decisions based on reads, thoughts, hand analysis, past history, player estimation and logically betting patterns, it becomes more and more likely that you will outplay your opponent. By focusing exactly how someone plays a particular hand, how much he or she bets on the flop or turn, when he or she bluffs, a fundamental strategy and skill develops that is congruent with your level of success.

Basically, by having the ability to control ones emotions and reactions during a hand, a person will become more thoughtful and intelligent on how to LITERALLY outplay a competitor in any given hand. This is very close to how top players think and act. They play a hand the way because they expect to make the most amount of money with a specific strategy. All these monetary skills can only be acquired through concentrated observation, focus, discipline, proper bankroll management, smart movements, delusion processes and other impacts.

Unlike to basketball, snooker, chess, or even ice hockey, a word class poker player can lose several hands in a row against an amateur. This is only possible because nobody can influence the cards which are dealt. However, if you play the way that you have the largest cutting edge in the long run, means only evolve yourself in winning spots, and only go all in, call big profits or all ins if you have very likely the best hand, you will win this mind game. Poker is the game that crites for a disciplined and strategic player.


Source by Arno G.


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