Win For Life (6/42) – Want the Life? Win For Life

Win For Life (6/42) – Want the Life? Win For Life

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If it was possible to never have to work a day, and still receive money for lazing about and doing nothing, many people would have done something for it. Nowadays, more and more innovations are being made and more and more jobs are made available out there, and yet it still still includes a degree of having to work, of doing something. Laziness is a sin if a person can not afford it but sometimes, it can not be helped. Now what would a person give to have the life? Virginia Win For Life does that, and it's like a dream come true for those who actually win it.

Now what is this all about? Normally, in lotteries, people end up getting a bulk of money and end up spending it in a few years or so. Virginia Win For life does not do that. The person who wins their grand prize gets $ 1000 a week and that money will be sent to the winner for the next one hundred years. That's just amazing. Now, how does it work? A player is said to have eight ways to win the game but before that, here are the mechanics. A player must bet six numbers from a pool of forty-two. Another number is drawn from the remaining set called the "freeball" and it functions as a way to provide more prizes for those who do not hit the jackpot. If a player hits six numbers, he or she will win the Virginia Win for Life and has the option of handing this prize to a benefactor once he or she does not live past a hundred years. What's more awesome is that it's a multi-state lottery. It also includes Georgia and Kentucky.

Is it possible to win this? The answer is yes. Many people are now enjoying their lives with this benefit. All players need is a little patience, perseverance and the right combination. In betting, just be sure to include numbers that do not look unilaterally to be drawn. A simple advice is to be random and start betting when you can. What this means is, do not be so meticulous in making patterns. Some people make the mistake of betting on numbers like: 04-06-08-10-12-14; 01-02-03-04-05; 01-02-03-05-08-13 and so on. The pattern is not important, like betting on consecutive numbers, Fibonacci sequences, multiples, same end numbers and same starting numbers. Try to get combination's that use both the high and low ends of the numbers. Try to see the past results of winning lotteries to see if there's an occurring number that stands out and it's most likely it will be drawn again.

In the end, once a combination has been decided, then it's set. All that's left is to wait and see what happens. A person who does not try has nothing to lose but a person who does try has more to gain if he or she does win. To top that, not only are the prizes great, Virginia Win For Life lotteries also help Public Education and that kind of help goes a long way.


Source by Michael N. Jenkins


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