Winning Big at Craps

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Craps is one of the most exciting games on the casino floor. When a player is hitting the winning numbers on the dice, the crowds will gather and the excitation will build exponentially. When it beats the casino and the game of craps, the house holds a smaller than average winning percentage which means the player is left with more money and more chances to win.

Craps tips can help a player to beat the odds and win money at the game of craps. But, the player must understand that no matter how small the percentage of winning hands the house seems to take, in the long run the casino must make a profit and the casino will win. The key is to not play for the long run, but for the short win. Self control and a good feeling for the methods of the game will ride and press when the dice are hot and back off when the dice run cold.

Craps is made up of four styles of betting. The four bets are pass, do not pass, come and do not come. Players falling into the pass and come categories are betting with the dice shooter or the "right" way. The do not pass and do not come players are betting against the shooter or the "wrong" way.

When a player chooses to bet wrong, the house odds of winning are reduced slightly. However, this reduction is no necessarily equal to the social advantage of betting "right". If the player chooses the "wrong" bet, the bet should be kept on the table for contractual rolls to increase the odds of winning money at the game of craps.

A terrific craps tip is to bet the free, odd or behind the line bets. These bets work to reduce the house edge of winning even more (less than 1%). If the player is betting $ 10 on the pass line with the dice shooter's points holding at 4. The player can bet another $ 10 "behind the line". When the shooter makes his point, the player is paid even for the bet and 2/1 (true odds) on the points. True odds for all points are: 4, 10 (2/1), 5, 9 (3/2), 6, 8 (6/5).

The best way to take advantage of this betting strategy is to bet in $ 10 increments. This style of betting will work perfectly with players utilizing the do not pass, do not come style of play.

Another important tip for the game of craps is the 6, 8 bet. If the player bets on the 6 or the 8 the house has an edge of 1.5% and the bet pays off at 7/6 odds with a winning throw. Betting on the 6 or the 8 needs to be a sole strategy. Any other side bets will decrease the players chance of beating the house.

If playing craps to win money is the name of the game, the player will need to follow these tips carefully. Knowing when to press the game as the shooter is hot and when to walk away as the table runs cold can be the hardest lesson to learn. The difference between a great craps player beating the game and losing the game is in this strategic choice.


Source by Jason Statlin


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