Unique and Unusual Gifts – 5 Steps to Choosing the Best Gift For Him Or Her

Unique and Unusual Gifts – 5 Steps to Choosing the Best Gift For Him Or Her

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The art of buying gifts is underrated. After all, most of us lead pretty busy lives, and we would just as soon pick up the latest and greatest on-sale item at the local department store rather than taking the time to really choose the right gift.

Buying the right gift for someone is a two-part process: it involves really focusing in on his or her likes, dislikes, tastes and hobbies. And, at the same time, it requires you to be able to match up those unique tastes with a gift that can't just be found anywhere.

If you are a student of human psychology - or if you just know your intended gift recipient really well - you probably have the first part covered. However, it can be a bit more challenging for most of us to be able to come up with unique and unusual gift ideas on the fly. After all, where do we begin?

If you are looking for unique and unusual gifts for him or her, here are 5 steps to finding the best gift:

1. Unusual does not have to mean weird:

When shopping for the unusual and unique, one of the most important rules is that unusual does not have to mean crazy, zany, or weird. It does not refer to a gag gift or to an item that will weird them out. Rather, the very best unusual gifts tend to excite, entice and enchant. A good unusual gift pleasantly surprises the recipient with the gift-giver's creativity.

2. To find a unique gift, focus on the recipient's uniqueness:

As mentioned above, you need to start your journey by focusing intently upon the recipient's uniqueness as a person. Start by writing down at least 5 adjectives that describe him or her. Then, write down a few of their hobbies, habits, and practices. The idea is to remind yourself about what makes them tick. Doing this also reduces the chances that you will buy them a gift you would want for yourself, which is an easy mistake to make.

3. For her, find creative ways to accentuate her sense of harmony:

If you are shopping for a female, you can't go wrong by choosing a gift that highlights and accentuates her sense of harmony and beauty. Yes, women love to mix it up once in a while, but it is in their nature to seek harmony when they can. Consider, for example, a gingertherapy bath set or a unique piece of jewelry that will catch people's eye.

4. For him, focus on his sense of adventure:

If your gift recipient is a man, you will want to set your sights on adventure and excitement. Men love to play games of chance, they love to explore, and they love tools. A couple of ideas to consider: a casino-grade poker chip set and a multi-tool (think a hand-held tool with blade, scissors, and 3-4 other cool implements).

5. For teens, get them something for their connected lifestyle:

Shopping for a unique gift for a teen? The key here is to get them something that resonates with their connected lifestyle. Of course, connected refers to all-things-Internet, video game, music and video-oriented. For example, how about a great pair of headphones that also look cutting-edge and cool?

Consider these 5 steps to getting the best unique gift for him or her.


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