Folding Vs Calling

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In poker you constantly getting into difficult situations. Sometimes you do not know if it's best to raise, call, fold, check or move all in. But, depending on what you do in these situations, will decide how profitable a player you are, or even if you are a profit playing poker player.

So I am going to look at one aspect of this and just look into situations where you are in marginal hands and have the difficult decision to call or fold.

So you're in this situation, what do you do? Well that's up to you. The variants in poker are too large to decide what is the right and wrong thing to do every time. But my advice is, Fold! Why Fold, because I would rather make a bad fold than a bad call. In a situation where you have to decide on a marginal hand for most or all of your chips, it is better in the long run to fold.

If you were to call and you win great you've doubled your money. So in the next hand in the same marginal situation you call again, and you win again. You are now on a high so when later on down the tournament and you get in this situation again, your going to call. This time you where wrong and instead of challenging for the chip lead you are now out of the tournament. So now they two great calls you made earlier where for nothing and now your out of the tournament so even though you did the right thing twice you got it wrong once and now your out.

So what would have happened if you had folded all three times? So after folding in the first marginal situation, even though you did have the best hand, you have less chips than, if you had called. So after folding for the second time in a marginal situation, you now are a good bit behind than if you had called the two previous times. But that third marginal situation that you got into, that put you out of tournament when you where calling marginal situations, you fold and guess what your still in.

So even though you made two great calls and one bad call you end up out. But making two bad folds and one good one your still in. So this is why I advise folding against calling every time in a marginal situation.

The hardest thing is working out when in a marginal situation though. But by going by this theory and you fold every time your in doubt instead of calling you should last longer in tournament, hence giving you a better chance to get into situations where you can not loss.

Source by Gerry Poltorak


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