How to Win the Lotto – Why You Could Be Missing Out on Millions Through Testing

How to Win the Lotto – Why You Could Be Missing Out on Millions Through Testing

Latest Casino News 28 May , 2017 0

There's a group of lottery players I call Trauma Testers. These are players who for some reason or other did not manage to put their money on a game. And you guessed it ... their numbers came in and they lost out. So there's a certain element of trauma involved in this process as they realize the millions that they could have won.

There's a number of reasons why these people did not make the game, and I have many of them on record from emails that players have written to me. Among the many strange events that tripped them up, they wrote to tell me that ... they had an accident and were not able to play ... they planned to play but time got away with them ... they left the numbers In their office ... they had the correct numbers but used them in a different draw. And so on.

I almost expected someone to tell me that their dog had ate the tickets!

But the overwhelming and vast majority of people who do not win tell me that they were "just testing" the numbers. And of course the numbers came through when they did not have any money in the game.

Back-testing numbers for a new system you're trying out is a reasonably common practice, and many people do it. But the danger is to keep testing long after the results tell you that the system is working.

So be sensible about it. Check out other forms of proof that a system can really benefit you ... like a large number of testimonials on the website ... before you even think about testing - and possibly wasting your effort - on paper. You do not want to lose the most important game of your life.


Source by Ken Silver


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