Is Tipping the Dealer Likely to Help You Win Big

Is Tipping the Dealer Likely to Help You Win Big

Latest Casino News 26 Jun , 2019 0

Many people believe that apart from knowing various strategies and rules of different casino games, some other things are also important for winning in casinos. Many people firmly believe that tipping the dealer is always good for casino players. Almost all the experienced casino players give a tip to dealers in casinos. You may think that you will tip a dealer only when he gives you a very good service. However, you should think the other way round. If you will pay tip to the dealer, he will definitely give you a good service.

It has been observed that many casino lovers give tips to the dealers till the time they keep on winning. They stop tipping the dealers at that time when they start losing. However, this should not be done. Maintaining a good relation with dealers of casinos is also very important. Therefore, if you lose money while playing any casino game, you should not stop tipping the dealer. What you can do is to reduce the amount of tip you give to dealers.

One should understand a simple thing that dealers earn their extra income from tip they get from their customers. Most of the dealers share their tip with other dealers. So, if you give tip to one dealer then in some way all other dealers will also be obligated to you. Therefore, tipping is considered important in casinos. Many people know this only from their experience. Sooner or later you will realize that you have been favored by giving tip to the dealers in casinos. Give tip to dealers according to your pocket. But never blame them if you lose money in any casino game. This will help you in the long run.

Although you can not tip the dealers in the online casino world, this article gives you an insight into the bricks and mortar casino etiquette.

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