Jackpot Sit and Go Tournaments – Saving Value For Money

Jackpot Sit and Go Tournaments – Saving Value For Money

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With today's economic climate online poker players are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to extracting the maximum value from their favorite poker sites. More and more players are looking for that "big win" to reduce their financial strain that everyone seems to be under these days.

Jackpot sit and go tournaments have surged in popularity recently as more and more players are realizing they actually have a chance of winning life changing sums of money without risking huge sums of cash. If you do not know how sit and go tournaments work, they are incredibly simple. Simply win a set number of specially created "jackpot" tournaments back to back and you win the jackpot, which can often reach over $ 70,000. To make the tournaments accessible iPoker, the network which runs these tournaments, has a number of levels to cater for players on a range of budgets.

The "Dirty Dozen" tournament is the cheapest jackpot sit and go on offer it holds a jackpot prize of $ 2,000 which is credited to winning players. To win the dirty dozen jackpot you need to win a chain of 6, 12 man tournaments back to back within a 14 day period. This may sound quite easy, but it really is not. With such a low entry cost, $ 2.40, you'll find players who go all in almost every hand pre-flop which may be good, but when you get sucked out on after a chain of 5 tournaments it definitely doesnt feel like it .

Another jackpot sit and go tournament is the Maui tournament which has a starting jackpot of $ 15,000 and rises by $ 3,500 each week that passes without it being won. These Maui tournaments cost only $ 6 to enter, $ 5 which is placed in the prize pool and $ 1 is given to the site to host the tournament and contribute to the jackpot.

For higher stakes players there is also the Rio tournament and the Fort Knox event which have much larger buyin's; the Rio costs $ 27.50 to enter and Knox $ 59, but also hold much larger jackpots. The Rio holds a minimum of $ 25,000 while Knox guarantees a jackpot worth at least $ 50,000.

With such huge jackpots up for grabs, in addition to the standard tournament payouts it is not surprising why more and more players are turning to jackpot tournaments for their online poker thrill.


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