Maintain Discipline in Poker!

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Poker Discipline - The way to make you successful in online Texas hold'em.

Discipline in Poker is a thing that should always be at the first priority position in the list of players' main assets. If by any mean, you discipline is poor, give your highest consideration on how to improve your discipline. Being a poker player, it is a known fact, that in the game nothing is more exciting than to land a great starting hand in the poker game. If you get yourself able to do that, you will automatically get an upper hand on the other players and chances are that although you continue having that upper hand and win the pot.

Somehow with every good thing, there is a bad aspect. In this case, after making a good starting hand, players get themselves excited and in doing so, becoming responsible for making less successful hands, which usually leaves them with empty chip stakes, forcing them to stand up and leave with empty pockets.

Getting excited at the poker table after making some good moves is not an idea one should go after. When players get excited, they get themselves out of their careful positions and they being confident at their good position, make irrational, zany or wild moves, which begins to cost them a lot. Before they even realize it, they run out from not only their good position but from their money too, costing them the whole pot, or worse, their whole chip stake.

Discipline is nothing but making decisions and then keep on sticking to them. suppose you are a good player, you devise a strategy for yourself, deciding which hand you should be playing with and self discipline would make it sure that you are not changing you path suddenly. The examination of self discipline comes when you come at a point where you have to decide whether or not; you are laying your cards down, particularly when you think those are looking very tempting and first thing coming into your mind is to lay cards down.

It's a very old saying but some makes itself still applicable today: get to when to fold'em. It means that even you are holding a hand which seems like a huge giant to you, there is a greater possibility of it being crushed, the better and superior the starting hand is, the tougher it will be get it folded.

The most difficult and dangerous starting hands are A-10, A-9 or worse, QJ, K-10. These always make a lot of players to lose their discipline and get themselves empty pockets. If you somehow, get one of these in the beginning of the game, (especially when you are taking a position to bet), always try to fold them, no matter, how good your hand would be, there would be so many hands to beat you straight.

Discipline is not an easy thing to master, but no matter how hard it is to manage, it always stays at the position of key skill. It is a distinction that distinguishes a great poker player from a good poker player and gives it a good position in every game. So devise a strategy and try not to let it go.

Source by Usman Ishfaq Qureshi


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