Off to Sea As a Dealer on a Cruise Ship

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Off to sea to being a Dealer on a Cruise Ship, all the exciting and borings bits that we need to take into account when taking this big step in life.

Now of course we have all heard these exciting stories from friends or casino colleagues of being a cruise ship dealer. It might be that we are attracted to saving tons of money, or simply having a great party lifestyle or else to travel the world. One of those previous listed things calls out to us like this little voice in our head, that we also would like to follow this path in life and go to sea on a cruise ship.

During your time as a dealer there is always someone that has done ships or their friend has. It is a matter of course in the wonderful world of casinos on land, with all that lovely word of mouth, wherever you may be in this lovely world of ours, whether in England, South Africa or in the rest of the world.

Steps to take that action to become the dealer on a ship.

Of course, you have to take that first step in deciding that you do want to take action and contact the hiring agent in your country of origin. Yes you will generally have to do the infamous table test which is part of life in casinos, so that you are not pulling a fast one on them and that they can actually physically and mentally see that you are able to deal all the games you said you can. As well as actually dealing is getting the Blackjack payouts right or the bets on roulette, knowing the Craps payouts and any payouts for other games you deal.

Getting on board the cruise ship

Now to once on board the amazing cruise ship, another world awaits you. You will generally start working that night unless you are extremely lucky and have the night off. Yes you will get shown the ropes and get on to your first live game as a dealer. The butterflies are probably going crazy in your tummy but like all things once you get over that first time on your table. Its like going on stage, you have had your stage fright, now that's all gone and done, just put a smile on your face and get on with the rest of the night. These players on cruise ships are paying to take the cruise and want to have fun, so chat and have fun, have a laugh with them and you will make some jockeys as well.

On a cruise ship you have lots of safety training to get through and some other shipboard training but like all things it passes very quickly so just get on with it and be the dealer. The first week is always a nightmare but it does fly by and of course all the very early mornings and working late at night, it will be tiring you just have to get through the first week, there will be a light at the end of the tunnel.

You generally do and hour or more on the tables, then you get your 20 minute break, depending on the ships rules, you can either go to your cabin, go to the shops, have a quick look at the shows or just chill. It is your time to have a break to rest your mind and be ready for your next stint on the tables.

The fun times that can be had as a dealer on board a cruise ship.

Now to after work, when you have finished for the night there are always parties, crew parties, the crew bar or staff bar, if you want that social life it is all there. Casino staff do like to party and drink, just remember if your original purpose was to see the world, don't forget to that partying until breakfast you will end up sleeping your contract on board away. You will find that at the end of your contract, firstly you will not have saved a penny, drank all your money down the drain, slept away your contract. It is all about moderation, you can still have a few but still manage to go ashore in all the ports and see those amazing places when your ship docks. You can always have a power nap before work and you will feel great to get to be the cruise ship dealer. It is all about having fun and moderation or knowing when to get some sleep in before work. You can have both just learn how to manage your time.

To get a casino job on a cruise ship you do need a few years casino experience behind you, craps dealers or dice are always in demand, for cashiers normally working in a bank or change bureau is needed to apply for a cruise job. Some companies recommend you take this course on cruise ship work, why they do I am not sure, something about an diploma to get to do cruise ship jobs. In other countries you apply to your hiring agent for Royal Caribbean or the cruise line you would like to apply to. For casinos on cruise ships there used to be casino concessions as well but there are not that many around, mostly on the smaller vessels in the Mediterranean, most cruise lines run there own casinos nowadays.

Some of the requirement for casino dealer jobs on ships:

  1. Proof of Gaming Board and/or Commission approved dealer school or international equivalency.
  2. Two years dealer experience dealing Blackjack, Dice, American Roulette, Caribbean Stud Poker and various other casino games.
  3. Ability to rapidly discern the numbers on dice, cards, wheels, etc. and determine the outcome of the game.
  4. Ability to communicate tactfully with guests, department heads and shipboard employees to resolve problems.
  5. Ability to stand for an extended period of time.
  6. Ability to read, write and speak English clearly and distinctly.
  7. All international applicants must have the ability to obtain C1/D1 visa (and other relevant visas) when applicable.
  8. Must meet all physical requirements, including the ability to participate in emergency life-saving drills and required training.

So if you are after fun, money or just want to travel this is a great job, all you need to do is find the hiring agent in your country and apply for the dealer on a cruise ship position with the cruise line. To find the hiring agent say for instance for Royal Caribbean you can look online at their site and then go to the link for hiring agents in your respective country. Certain companies only hire at a certain time of the year or at intervals, but there is no harm in contacting the hiring agent or cruise line concerned in the meantime.

For more info on cruise ship jobs you are welcome to look at my site on the various post and the links for the different cruise lines.

I wish you all the success in getting hired for that position as a dealer on a cruise ship, I worked for 18 years on cruise ships and seen most of the world as a dealer and loved all the travelling and meeting all those wonderful people.


Source by Bernadette Cole


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