Poker Terms – Everything You Need to Know to Become a Winning Poker Player

Poker Terms – Everything You Need to Know to Become a Winning Poker Player

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For a person to become a good player in the world of poker require not only excellent playing skills but also knowledge of the poker terms in order to appear professional and proper in the table. The poker lingo serves as the language among the players of the poker world. Being familiar with it reflects the appearance of being a knowledgeable player.

The use of poker terms ranges from simple to advance terms and can be developed by constantly listening to the dealer and other poker players during the game. Basically, the use poker terms are used as the game starts of when the dealer distributes a pair of cards to the player which is called your "hand". The "hand" are the two cards you use to form a combination together with the five "community cards" to be disclosed at the table. The community cards are the three "flop cards", the "turn card" and the final "river card". They are revealed in a particular sequence when the player either "calls" the bet of another player. To "call" means to bet the number of chips equal to the bet of another player. The bet increases when a player "raises" or add chips to his bet. When the player who raised his bet is called by another player, he has the option to "check" or opting not to "raise" the bet in order for the next card to be disclosed.

Having a good combination of cards in poker is the object of the game and leads the players to either "call" or "bluff" in order to win. "Bluffing" is achieved by deceiving other players by appearing to have great cards and hiding the fact that the player has only "trash" cards or cards that have no value whatever. High cards include Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks and high digit cards. When a player receives either an Ace or King, it is called an "Ace high" or "King High" card. When a player has two cards which are the same it is called a pair. Some pairs have distinct names. For example, two Aces can be called "Ace pair" or "Pocket Rockets". Two Kings can be called a "King Pair" or "King Kong". There are more of distinct names for this kind of cards depending on the areas where you play. Poker terms are different depending on the state of the country. When a player decides to withdraw from a particular round in the game, he will "fold" or give his cards back to the dealer. This would render his bet to the possession of the player who won that round.

Betting in poker is simple. Initial betting is assigned to all the players and changes from time to time. There is a "big blind" and a "small blind" for every round. If the table stakes are 10/20, this would mean that at the start of each round, the small blind would give chips amount to 10 while the big blind would give chips amounting to 20. Every round, players receive the role of the small and big blind in a clockwise direction.

The knowledge of poker terms is an important aspect of poker and should be familiarized by every player in order to be successful in the table.

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