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As an avid internet user and business person I have hundreds of usernames and passwords which are currently being managed by an extremely popular password management program. If memory serves me I believe this has been my password manager for 10+ years. What I like about my previous password manager is the memory of all of your logins, form filling and the ability for the program to suggest encrypted passwords which are next to impossible for hackers to figure out. If not aware a quality password manager would actually fill in the information for you and suggest various secure passwords with a click of your mouse incorporating a series of numbers and letters.

Recently I was looking for a free alternative which offered the same features as my previous password manger. Success, I found one that is intuitive and simple to use. Free is good. Look around and find one by searching using the many search engines available. We recommend finding a password manager that is browser based. Browser and server based meaning if you lose your computer data your password manager information is stored on the software developers servers and not your computer which requires you to return to the software developers website if ever you lose this information.

Often my customers / clients will inform me that they do not need a password manager because they use the same passwords repeatedly enabling them to always remember their password. This is a bad idea. In fact if you use only letters in your password you may be vulnerable to hacks and brute force attacks. Using a password manager affords you the opportunity to have multiple logins for various sites all with unique and difficult passwords which could not normally simply be remembered.

Protect yourself from,

* Phishing scams, Online fraud, and Malware

There are many precautions we need to take online, including having a very good antivirus, adware, extortion ware and spyware program. Add to this clearing your cache and history periodically, do not click on links within emails unless you know the sender and even then you should recognize the website referenced in the email. Some people do not like using password managers because they feel vulnerable and worry about their data being compromised. You should only use those programs which come from reputable companies. All software developers will say the data is encrypted and stored securely on their servers but how can you be sure? Short of seeing the stored data on their server there is no conceivable way of verifying this to be true. If you are a receiver then we suggest not using password managing software for the most sensitive of your logins and data. An example of sensitive data could be your bank account, or digital currency accounts.

Your best option is to ask support personnel how your data is stored, and where its stored and to what level is your data encrypted. They will have no problem at all with your due diligence and divulging this information to you. If they do not want to give you this information freely then we strongly suggest not using their password managing software.



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