Tips For Playing Texas Holdem Poker

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The Texas Hold rage is sweeping the nation. Equip yourself with the leverage necessary for dealing with any opponent with these handy tips on how to play the top ten hands.

Drawing Pocket Aces

Perhaps the easiest hand to play in Holdem, since it is the most advisable starting hand, but avoid falling prey to the trap so easily. Before the flop, make your best effort to get your aces down to a single opponent, and attempt to challenge him all-in. You expect to earn wins for many times, but expect also to incur losses, and never allow it to disrupt your game. Most hands are at best about twenty three percent to win against you, so one in four times you can expect to be out drawn. The more opponents stay in the hand, the greater is the probability that someone is going to outdraw you.

Refrain from being concerned to lay this hand down after the flop if your instincts say that you are beaten. Pride is a Texas Holdem player's worst enemy.

Pocket Kings

Pocket King's scheme is very similar to pocket aces pre-flop, as you want to get down to just one opponent before the board comes down. Play them aggressively, but be wary that a single ace can bring your hand down, an unrevealed pocket aces fatigue. Also, if a commonly tight player drawing a lot of chips suddenly re-raises you all-in before the flop, there is a chance that he has pocket aces and you expect a 4: 1 favor against you.

After the flop, if an ace comes out and you carry a valid reason to believe your opponent has it, bet out anyways. If you get raised back, let the hand go. If he simply calls, chances are he does not have the ace, but he does not believe that you do either. You do not, but you carry second best and that is reasonably enough if he is calling faintly.

Pocket Queens

One of the most difficult hands in Texas Holdem, due to the fact that it is a very difficult hand to throw away, but has a lot of weak points. Unlike aces and kings, pocket queens already consist of two over-cards to bust them out, besides from other hands out-drawing them. To reiterate, play them aggressive before the flop, raising the bar firmly, and even just one re-raise against someone in latter position is highly recommended. If an opponent in early position raises you, plainly declare an early raise typically means strength.


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