What Are Finger Lights and How Can You Use Them?

What Are Finger Lights and How Can You Use Them?

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Finger lights are tiny flashlights that snugly fit on each of your five fingers. They are very bright, fun to use, and great for parties, raves, or gifts. Most of them are very bright. This is because they use LED technology which also has an easy switch to turn them off and on easily. The Finger Lights strap onto your fingers using either Velcro or elastic bands. From researching the topic, most people prefer the elastic bands because Velcro tends to get in the way and is a little more bulky. You might be thinking that most of these finger lights come in plain white, but the truth is that they come in many different colors. For example most of the light packs you can buy come in playful colors like blue, red, green, and yellow. This is because they are mainly used for fun occasions like parties or raves. At these parties the people wearing the lights usually move their hands in circular motions to create a cool light trail effect. After using these all night, you might be worried about the batteries burning out. Not to worry, the batteries have about 8 hours of battery life and are easily replaceable.

Finger Lights have a variety of common uses. Not only are they great for Rave Parties, but they can also come in handy during everyday occasions. Ever have to buy a small cool gift for a young child but never know what to get? Well Finger Lights are loved by children. They are so small and cool that they make one of the best stocking stuffers. But they aren't just for kids. If you know people that work with their hands a lot, where they need to use both of their hands at all times but might need to use a flashlight as well, then these would be a great gift for them. Hunter climbing up tree stands in the dark morning ours could benefit from these tremendously, also mechanics, or other technicians in low light situations. Use your imagination, and I'm sure you can think of dozens of more practical everyday uses for them.

Maybe you're stuck and trying to think of ways to spice up a birthday party, co-worker gathering, or promotional event? Finger Lights might just be the perfect thing you're looking for. These are great fun for young kid's birthday parties. Just imagine having dozens of kids pointing their fingers at each other with these cool colorful lights, they would love it! But the kids don't need to be the ones to have all the fun, adults can use them too! Maybe you're having a costume party or some kind of theme party with friends or co-workers. You would be the center of attention when wearing these cool lights. Since they are so rare, people would flock to you asking what you were wearing. Still not convinced? OK let's try one more scenario. Maybe you are a startup business, or a networker going to an upcoming conference. Well we all know that when we attend conferences the companies there hand out promotional items that they hope we keep and remember their brand. Sometimes this stuff is cool, but sometimes it just stinks. Why not give out Finger Lights? I guarantee that 90% of the people would never throw them away; they are just too darn cool!

Hopefully I've expressed my idea about finger lights clearly enough for you to understand both the playful and practical uses of them. Let's hope that you try them yourself and enjoy them for years to come!


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