A Lotto Myth Decoded: "All the Lotto Numbers Have the Same Chance To Be Drawn"

A Lotto Myth Decoded: "All the Lotto Numbers Have the Same Chance To Be Drawn"

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This myth must be destroyed immediately, removed and forgotten. This is taken seriously by millions of people who still do not know that winning lotto numbers for the next time, can be seen before they will be drawn. Together with this myth, there are other myths. I promise you to continue to discover them one by one and bring you the real facts.All these myths are the product of who wants to maintain the public in obscurity.

Lotto officials want to illustrate and deepen the mystery around lotto system. What is sad is the fact that naive people believe them without to try verify it. People think that it is unnecessary to ascertain the truth once the lotto officials said it. But this is a statement not based on facts and it is designed to extinguish the desire of people to seek the truth. All those millions of people deal now with the idea that lotto can be won merely by chance.

Lotto is not a play by chance. Lotto is a very logical play having precise rules of functionality. And not all the numbers have the same chance to be drawn next draw. Next draw will be drawn only those numbers that form a group with high potentiality to be drawn. And this group has specific signs that indicate it. Those numbers will be drawn that are both urgent and important for the maintenance and continuation of the order and balance of the system.

The numbers in this special group, may have different characteristics, but if they progress rapidly, from one column of frequency to another more advanced, this rapid motion of them indicates their chance to be drawn next time. Let us to take an example.Two numbers that have the same similarity in space, but not in time, if they progress rapidly in front, they will be drawn together next time. In this case the accuracy is 97 %--98 %. This is an indicator factor you can control. An indicator factor has three different aspects

1}--- The numbers with high potential to be drawn next draw, are numbers in motion, therefore they are very active numbers.

2}--- The direction of their movement is always from back to front, with a short stationary break.

3}--- The numbers that have a high potential to be drawn next time, are moving one after another, leaping from one column of frequency to another, in the same order.

Lotto is a very logical system and ready for use by anyone interested to know the truth. It is not a play by chance and luck. The myth that all the numbers have the same chance to be drawn next time is merely a detestable falsity.


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