Action vs Words

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Men react to actions rather than words. They do not like it when a woman says, "Let's talk", men freak out and get on the offensive before you even say a word.

Let's talk about words first. When women talk to long about a subject relating there relationship, the man looses you after about the first paragraph. It's not that he is being disrespectful he's just that way. He gets lost in your words. Men do not use words to get there point across as much as they use actions. Think about it.

Let's now talk about actions. Pay attention to the way a man is acting and not his words. First, pay attention to your actions that caused him to act a certain way towards you. Say for instance you are not into a committed relationship as of yet and you allowed him to do all the calling. Then you felt it was OK to start calling him, he then began to pull away and become more unavailable to you. Instead of you to talking to him about this, you then use actions. You pull back from him and stop calling, he will soon get the picture, his attraction for you will begin again and he will start calling you wanting to spend more time with you. Then became a little unavailable to him. Be busy doing something else or do not answer the phone a few times, let the answering machine pick up, so that he will have to leave a message and wonder were you. This is giving him the space he wants and even more space. Trust me if he has emotional feelings for you he will come around.

Now do not forget that men are awesome creatures, so do not take advantage of them, just a little smile and a compliment is also a good action. Men love this even more than we do, since they do not get compliments as much as a woman does.

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