Bossy Women With Bad Attitudes

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Women do not like submissive men, and men do not like dominant women. Women are made gentle and sweet men are made to be the strong leader. This article is written for couples in a relationship. So I am not talking about women being leaders in the work place or in places of government etc.

We are here to talk about bossy women with bad attitudes. These are women that are impatient and argumentative. They have to have way all the time and everything is an issue to them.

How do I know about this kind of women? I almost made the mistake of marrying one. But suddenly I got a bellyful of arguing about insignificant little things that didn't matter. This is not an article to run down women but it is to expose the trouble makers.

Women that are bossy can be really attractive women or they can just want to bees. A woman can be pretty on the outside but pure ugly on the inside. Every time she opens her mouth it shows. She tries to run everything and make all the decisions. A lot of these women try to do everything the men do. They sit around watching football, playing poker, they don't wear make up, they don't talk with sweet words or even carry themselves in a feminine way.

Now not all bossy women are plain janes that do as the men do. Some are stylish, beautiful and sexy. But have a nasty attitude and only care about themselves and what they want.

How does you identify a bossy woman before you wind up stuck with one and cant get rid of her? Bossy women also known as argumentative women with a bad attitude do not give you a chance to form an opinion or even finish your sentence

You always have to be on the defensive and you always have to walk to on eggshells around them because you never know what will set them off. You have to watch everything you so that you don't cause them to explode.

Every time you try to talk to them they give you that look like yeah I already know what you are talking, yeah uh huh OK. Women like this can't even share in your excitement with you cause they've done been there and done that.

And they know exactly what you are saying so eventually you realize that you may as well not say anything because nothing thrills her. She always has to have male friends to talk to but if you do the same you catch what I refer to as the bitchitude.

Bossy women usually make it a habit to belittle you all the time, they run down your looks or your hobbies and interests. They are very critical. They like to criticize you about everything especially when you don't do something they way they thought it ought to be done. Bossy women think they know better than others.

They will try to tell what to wear, what to eat, what tom watch on tv, what music to listen to. And If you want them go some where with you and they don't want to they say no. And that my friend is not togetherness or love.

People in love will go with their mate anywhere so long as they are together. Modern women in the 2000s just have rebellious bad attitudes. Women weren't nasty like this in the 70s. In the 70s they stood by their man. They were the glue that held the relationship together.

Your bossy girlfriend will invade your home and takes charge of how it is arranged and decorated. They want to tell you how to spend your money.

The easiest way to deal with a bossy woman is to not date one to begin with. Guys if you are in one of these bossy argumentative relationships with a woman with a bad attitude. Get out of it or take charge. Don't be a wuss you're the man you run the show if she don't like it then she needs to go.

I should have gotten rid of mine from the beginning, after dealing with her, I wound up 26,000 in debt, with no credit, lost 3 cars and 2 jobs, 2 retirement funds, health insurance and 2 homes. This has been a very costly learning experience and to those of you that can relate to it I met her online.

So when I tell you to get out if you're in a relationship with a bossy women its to keep you from going through all I've been through. Remember if a woman is sent to you from God she will bring with her love and affection not arguments and misery. That is a good way to tell if she's for real.

Girls don't like a guy they can walk all over, but the bossy ones will try to anyway. They like to push you to how much they get away with. Some like to keep breaking up with you just to see how many times they get you back. It give them some to boast about to make them look big and you look weak.Don't let them do it if they break up with you tell to hit the road.

Her attitude is unlikely to change. It is rare to find a woman who is satisfied with her relationship, she always feels that she is being abused and can find a better man. But with me it was like the boy that cried wolf once too many times. I just finally saw her for what she was and lost all attraction to her. She killed her own relationship.

It was my gain and her loss. I'm very pleased that I got away from her before I got married, because I would have been in a very miserable relationship. You might say I got saved by the bell. I was in one bad marriage with a ding-a-ling and I wasn't about to marry another one.


Source by Timothy Edward Wilhelm


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