Case Study – Why Do Some People Win The Lottery Twice, Yet You Can’t Even Win It Once?

Case Study – Why Do Some People Win The Lottery Twice, Yet You Can’t Even Win It Once?

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Have you ever read about multiple lottery winners in the news. People often hear these stories and then get disgusted because they think that 'some people just have all the luck.' But, you know what, it might not be luck after all.

Now, you never hear about people winning Powerball twice or people winning EuroMillions twice, do you? No, and for good reason. Any time you hear about a multiple lottery winner, they always won on games that have better odds than the massive jackpot games. Do you think that happens by luck? Nope!

The expert lottery players stick to games that they actually have a shot at winning. They know that the better the game odds are, the better shot they have at winning, even multiple times. If you do the same, you might just win a jackpot. Maybe two jackpots. Do you see how it works?

While you're sitting there, pouring money into impossible games like Powerball, the expert players are putting their money into games that they could actually win. And, when they win, they do it again.

Some people may even tell you that the odds of winning the lottery twice make it impossible to actually win it twice. Well, you know what? If you are lucky enough to win the lottery once, you're just as likely to win it again as is somebody that's never won. The lottery is random; it has no memory of who won and who lost in the past.

Here is a case study discusses just this, a multiple lottery winner.

This is the story of a two-time lottery winner. His name is Robert Hong and he lives in Canada.

Robert Hong didn't play games with impossible odds, like Powerball or Mega Millions. He played Lotto 6/49. The odds of winning the Lotto 6/49 jackpot are approximately 1-in-14-million.

In April of 2007, Robert won the second prize in Lotto 6/49. He won $340,000. That prize is not exactly life-changing, but it's pretty good, nonetheless. The odds of winning the second prize in Lotto 6/49 are approximately 1-in-2.3-million.

But Robert wasn't done. A few months later, in November of 2007, Robert won the jackpot playing the same 6/49 game - $15 million. Now that's life-changing!

So, there he is, more than $15 million richer than he was before. He won the lottery. Now, do you think he would be in the same position if he played one of those huge jackpot games, the ones with impossible odds? No, he wouldn't, and that's my point - You win the lottery by playing the right games, and sometimes you can even win it twice.


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