Head to Canada For a Bachelor Party

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For any of you guys who live in the southern United States, you have got to make a point at some time in your life to arrange some type of bachelor party to Canada. You do not need to wait for someone else to get married. Just round up some old college buddies you have not seen in a few years and arrange a trip that nobody will forget.

Canada is well known for certain things that happened to fit into the bachelor party scheme quite well. One of those things is the beer. Canadians have some really awesome beer breweries. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me and my brothers up there to tour the breweries. I bet it was dad's idea. Seriously, make a stop in London Ontario and check out the Labatt beer brewery. It is massive and they have a giant beer store outside.

Another great fit for bachelor party activities in Canada is the fishing. Canada has a huge number of phenomenal fishing spots for game fish like Northern Pike and Walleye. I mean it is insane. You can rent a cabin on a remote lake that you have to either get there by boat or fly in a Cessna. There is nobody around to bother you. You guys can stay up all night playing poker and getting hammered. Then the next day you can sleep it off on the boat while trying to be the guy who wins twenty bucks from everyone else for catching the big fish that day.

Then there is the number one reason why you should want a bachelor party in Canada. The number one reason is for their totally superior gentlemen's clubs. These clubs are not like the ones you see in most cities in the US. These are the real deal. You see all kinds of crazy stuff happening there. It is the perfect place for a bunch of testosterone loaded dudes to drool in their beer for a few hours. Bring lots and lots of American dollar bills. It is amazing what a dollar can buy you.

Canada is a perfect place to vacation not just bachelor party. The people and culture are very similar to those found in most of the United States. The people talk a little funny but otherwise are pretty normal. The cities in Canada are surprisingly clean and well maintained. The ones I have been to have all been really nice places to see. So, round up the gang and arrange a guys only weekend in the northern most country in North America.


Source by Ted Veletowski


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