Hear ye – Announcements Shouting the Times of our Lives

Hear ye – Announcements Shouting the Times of our Lives

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It is easy to get bogged down with day-to-day activities only to throw together last minute announcements to honor the milestone. Announcing a wedding of a couple that eloped or had a private wedding ceremony is a terrific way to include friends and family who were not at the event. Remembering to include those who are close to the couple makes announcing the wedding personal to those receiving the announcement.

Often the announcement is pre-printed on cardstock and sent out like every other touring wedding invitation. Spice it up. For a couple that eloped to the Caribbean to get married, send a small pouch of sand along with a picture of the couple announcing the wedding. The sand need not be from the Caribbean itself, but will definitely get noticed by those opening the package. To announce the wedding of a couple who got married in Las Vegas, make sure to include some poker chips along with a message and photo of the couple on their honeymoon.

To announce the birth of a member of the family, do not stick to ordinary cards noting only the birthday, height and weight of child. Maybe include a list of a few fun facts for the reader to enjoy. For example, times baby woke up during the first night - seven, dirty diapers dad had to change - eighteen. These put a little comic relief for the struggling parents and will certainly be informed and talked about at the next gathering of friends. Remember, you're not just announcing the birth of a child; you want the person who opens the announcement to feel a bond with the parents and the new child.

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