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I am a self confessed casino bonus hunter, and after making around £1500 on the traditional matched bonuses earlier this year, I became interested in finding a way of playing the numerous sticky bonuses which many of the online casinos offer.

If you don't already know, a sticky bonus is one where the casino offers you extra cash on top of what you have deposited, but only on the understanding that when you cash out you have to give the bonus back. It's almost as if they lend you the bonus. This means that you can't do the traditional bonus strategy of playing low stakes over and over again until you reach the wager requirement.

Think about it; if I were to deposit £100 in a casino, and receive a £100 sticky bonus, I could play it through 2000x in order to fulfil the wager requirement, ending on say £180. However, when I came to cash out, the £100 bonus would be removed and I would actually end up £20 down. That's no good for a bonus hunter like me.

At first glace, it seemed that these sticky bonuses were to be avoided, but as more and more casinos have started to offer them, I realised that there had to be a way of playing them. And ironically it turns out that the strategy I came up with elevated our earnings from the casinos from hundreds of pounds to many thousands of pounds. It was these bonuses, which were designed to fool the unwary bonus hunter, which actually propelled my bankroll skywards!

The strategy I came up with was very simple, and now I've made my money I'm happy to share it with you now. There is risk involved, and there is a chance that you could lose your cash, but the way it works means that is unlikely, as you will see from the example below.

In short, what you have to do is pick 10 sticky bonus casinos and join them all at one time, making sure each one offers a 100% or above blackjack friendly bonus. Deposit the recommended amount for the sticky bonus, making sure that the bonus is applied for each one before you even think about playing. Note down all the user names and passwords, plus the amounts deposited in each casino.

Now comes the heart stopping bit. What you need to do is load up the first casino, and put the entire casino balance on one single hand of blackjack. Play the hand using the casino rich list strategy card. Just play the one hand, win or lose. Regardless of the outcome you then need to load up the second casino and do the same. Repeat with all 10 casinos.

Due to the very small house edge in blackjack, you have just under a 50/50 chance of winning this hand on each casino. This means that on the 10 casinos you should win 5 of the hands. Assuming this is the case, after dong the single hand on each casino, the current balances will be as follows;

  • Casino 1 £100 in, £100 bonus, £200 on one hand win £400
  • Casino 2 £100 in, £100 bonus, £200 on one hand win £400
  • Casino 3 £100 in, £100 bonus, £200 on one hand win £400
  • Casino 4 £100 in, £100 bonus, £200 on one hand win £400
  • Casino 5 £100 in, £100 bonus, £200 on one hand win £400
  • Casino 6 £100 in, £100 bonus £200 on one hand lose £0
  • Casino 7 £100 in, £100 bonus £200 on one hand lose £0
  • Casino 8 £100 in, £100 bonus £200 on one hand lose £0
  • Casino 9 £100 in, £100 bonus £200 on one hand lose £0
  • Casino 10 £100 in, £100 bonus £200 on one hand lose £0

Total £1000 in, current balance £2000 (of which £500 will be removed at cashin to repay the sticky bonus)

Don't forget that you still need to play out the wager requirement. If you want to play safe then you should do the rest of the requirement on small stakes, so that you can cash out as much as possible of the £400. Don't forget that you have already done £200 of each wager requirement with that one bet!

However, if, like me, you find it difficult to go back to the small stakes after such heart stopping action, then by all means play slightly higher stakes. Or maybe try 'sweepering', which means varying your bets in some way- maybe doubling after a win, or waiting for a few loses in a row and then increasing your bets. It's up to you, but once you have done the first high bets, it is more than possible to cash out having doubled your money on the night.

The figures above are a guide only, but in reality there are a couple of extra ways to make more money. One is that some casinos offer a higher bonus than 100%- if one of these wins on the first single hand, then your profit will be even higher. The second reason is that some casinos offer a 100% sticky bonus on the second, third and even fourth deposit. This means that if you lose at one of the casinos, and you have the nerve (and the bankroll), you can redeposit, get another 100% bonus, and do the same single hand of blackjack trick. I did this on Swiss casino, lost the first two times, but won on the third deposit, and played through to make back the amount I deposited and more!

Now as I have said above, if you do this right you can double your money. However I am a very aggressive blackjack player. Though I always stick to the basic strategy chart, I do change my bet up and down, from £5 to £100 at a time. Believe it or not, once I had found this sticky bonus trick, I did all 10 casinos in one night. I stayed up til dawn, and I took screenshots of my wins as I knew no-one would believe me. I'm not saying you could make as much money as me, but it's worth you seeing them just for interest's sake. I came out £3651 up that night, and it was these wins that eventually propelled me to over £10000 profit before I have up playing casinos altogether.

I've done some research on this for you as I know the casinos change their promotions all the time. It's essential that you only play casinos that are BJ friendly, have sticky bonuses, and have a reasonable wager requirement. Based on those criteria, these are the 10 I would do if I was to repeat my night of madness. Good luck, and if you do well make sure you take your own screenshots and post on the casinorichlist forums.

  • Casino 1- Golden Palace 200% bonus Deposit £100, play with £300
  • Casino 2- Flamingo Club 200% bonus Deposit £100, play with £300
  • Casino 3- 200% bonus Deposit £100, play with £300
  • Casino 4- Grand Online 200% bonus Deposit £100, play with £300
  • Casino 5- Casino Del Rio 100% bonus Deposit £100, play with £200
  • Casino 6- Vegas Red 100% bonus Deposit £100, play with £200
  • Casino 7- Playgate 100% bonus Deposit £100, play with £200
  • Casino 8- Scasino 100% bonus Deposit £100, play with £200
  • Casino 9- Acropolis 100% bonus Deposit £100, play with £200
  • Casino 10- Casino Las Vegas 100% bonus Deposit £100, play with £200

Therefore your deposit is £1000 (which you should have made from bonuses already), and your total bank roll including bonuses is £2400.

At the end of doing the single hand trick at each casino, and assuming half of the hands win and half lose, your bankroll will still be £2400. Play all the wager requirements through, and if you maintain the £2400 level, you will cash out minus the £400 of sticky bonuses to be removed.

Final result? £2000 return on a £1000 deposit. But play more aggressively than that and you could do even better than me. And there's plenty more casinos to play after these, once you have built up a nice bankroll you could have a go on some of the casinos that don't allow blackjack- why not give some of the video poker ones a try, or even try your luck on the huge slots only bonuses available?


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