How to Liven a Ladies Party With Party Games

How to Liven a Ladies Party With Party Games

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Are you planning a party for your best girlfriends? This is a great way to take some time out from stressful days, work, children and even those men in your life who occasionally drive you crazy. It's a great time to bond and reconnect with your girlfriends while having a lot of fun.

But if you are planning a party for the ladies you want to make it entertaining and planning a few party games is the perfect way to liven it so everyone has fun and some great memories. A great idea to add to the fun is to buy a disposable camera for each person at the party.

Everyone can take pictures and then the hostess can have them developed afterwards to email to everyone or create a little scrap book souvenir of the evening.

An around the world pot luck party is a great way to share wonderful cuisine while enjoying each other. Assign each guest a country and type of food such as appetizer, entrée, side dish, cocktail or dessert. The person should prepare a dish that is native to the country.

If you want to go even further, have the person dress up in clothing found in the country and talk about the dish in the particular accent used in the country.

Speaking of food, what pairs better with food than wine? Either gather a few different bottles of wine or have everyone bring a bottle. Cover up the labels of each bottle and have each person taste it. Discuss the colors and flavors found in the wine before revealing what the wine is.

Then discuss the types of food it pairs well with and any facts about the wine that should be shared. Not only is this a great party game to enjoy a few drinks but it will also help you develop your palate.

How about an old fashioned slumber party? You can do hair, make up and skin care while staying comfy in your jammies. This is the perfect combination of spa day with girl time together.

Do not forget the wine or champagne and make sure to drag out all the gossip while you are doing makeovers.

If you just want a relaxing party game to get away and indulge in your favorite crafts, consider throwing a craft party. Everyone can work on their favorite crafts or help with one large craft. If you have a website, you can even sell these crafts. Have the group think of a worthy cause and donate all the profits from the sale of the crafts to a charity.

You can even network with other groups and get them involved! What a great way to have party games, indulge in your art and give back to the community all at once!

Use your imagination when thinking of themes and party games for a ladies' party. You want to be sure to entertain your guests and have something to do. However, do not pack the evening completely full of games without any "free" time to socialize and mingle. Keep it loose but always have some ideas at the ready. You will see that your party will liven up completely when party games and activities are used.

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