How to Set Up a Perfect Home Poker Game

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The weekend is approaching, probably not as fast as you would like, but one of the things that may be on your mind is what to do for entertainment when the workweek ends. If you have not tried it already, either online or live, you may want to consider a poker night. It really does not require much time, or effort to put together either.

Start with rounding up the basics. Make a list of a few things that you will need for your game night. Buy a deck of cards. The card designs are endless, so you can purchase a deck that may even make your guests giggle or blush. Look for a card shuffler. They come either battery operated or electric. Next on your list is a stack of poker chips. These are easy to find at most stores or online where they sell poker supplies, and easy on the wallet. If you want to play something like Texas hold'em, you can purchase a game pack that includes your chips and your table mat. Table mats are optional, but may make it easier for beginners. You probably will have six to eight guests that will need chips. Packs of five hundred chips are a good start, but buying two will not be too expensive, and you will be more prepared in case of unexpected guests.

If blackjack is more to your liking, you can purchase table tops that you can use for both blackjack and poker from poker supplies stores, or if that's not in your budget, purchase a game mat. The chips are given a monetary value. Depending on what level of game you want to set, whether its penny poker or dollar poker, you can assign the chips to that degree. White is usually set at a dollar. You can change that to make it a penny if you prefer. Red is five dollars, and can be changed to a nickel. Green is set at twenty five dollars, and can be changed to a quarter. Change them up to what fits your preference.

If it's the first time playing for someone in the group, make a chart of what beats what. That way they can enjoy the game, learn it, and before long you can take the chart down. There are several different games you can play. Be creative, and check out poker supplies stores for more ideas.


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