How to Use the Rush Poker Strategy

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If you have played poker on Full Tilt you have probably seen, heard about, or played Rush Poker. It came out first in No Limit Holdem only, but now you can find it in Omaha as well as other games in tournament form as well as cash ring. It is fun and rather addictive because the action comes so incredibly fast; you can a new hand at a new table as soon as you fold your cards. There are a couple of simple strategic adjustments you can make to compensate for this.

First of all, most players that you will be playing against will only play very premium hands. Their outlook is simple: why play risky hands if the next hand is only a split second away? You can just fold until you hit AA or AK.

Knowing this, you can then make rises pretty much at will in Rush poker. If you encounter a re-raise or any kind of resistance, just fold your hand. By making raises from all positions 70% -80% of the time you are just trying to take the blinds. If someone calls your bluff, you know he has a good hand because it is Rush poker, so let it go. Plus, you have the advantage of being at a new table each hand. Nobody knows that you have just raised 10 hands in a row!

The next strategy that works well with Rush poker is to limp in with your big hands. Again, most player's tenders will be to wait for big hands and then raise. If you limp in with your big hands, you will likely get both blinds in the hand and could slow play your way to a big pot.

For example, if you limp in with AA and get the Small Blind and Big Blind to stay in the hand, one of them might hit the flop. A flop like 9-4-2 could hit a hand like K-9 for your opponent. He thinks he has high pair, and you have him dominated with your Aces. Remember too, everything happens very quickly with Rush poker so there is less time for him to analyze what is going on. A play like this may not work as well at a regular table where players have more time to consider.

Another strategy I like to employ in Rush is to ALWAYS raise if you are in late position. Players are not nearly as predisposed to defend their blinds in a game where the next hand is just a second away. They figure they can just steal from the next guy. So, if I am past middle position, on the button, etc. I will make a pretty good size raise to try and take down the blinds nearly every time. If a player in a blind position re-raises me, I know he has a big hand and I fold. I will end up taking down more more pots than I have to give up with this method.

Overall, Rush poker is fun to play, but you can not treat it the same as regular No Limit Texas Holdem. The strategy is very different and you must adjust accordingly.

Source by Chris Wilcox


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