How To Win The Lotto – Learn How To Win At Pick 3

How To Win The Lotto – Learn How To Win At Pick 3

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Winning the lottery is like no other rush out there. It's one of those things that when you walk into the gas station to purchase your lotto ticket, you are not expecting to win. It's almost as if you are just planning on losing but dreaming of winning. The truth is 98% of people that play the lottery will come out to be long term losers.

To really win consistently playing the lottery you need to use a proven system that will really help you to win. In the article, I am going to go over the ways you can consistently win by playing the pick 3 lottery.

The truth is in the pick 3 lottery there are a number of repeated results that happen on a daily basis. Without having a system in place and using the correct precaution the average gambler is at a 1: 1000 odd of winning any given pick 3 drawing. By using box sets and unmatched numbers, the player can drastically increase his or her odds to win the pick 3 lottery.

First, let's go over box sets.

A box set is simply a way of playing the pick 3 where you can win by selecting the 3 numbers in any order.

Let's say for example you pick the numbers 423

The result comes 3 2 4

You would win this drawing because you placed your bet in the box set style.

UNMATCHED numbers account for nearly 90% of drawing. By being sure that the numbers you pick within your system are unmatched, you can drastically increase your odds at winning the pick 3 lottery.

Doubles and triples occur nearly 10% of the time and should not be picked within the system. The only proven way to win at the pick 3 over a period of time is to be disciplined and stick to your system.

Next time you go into the gas station, go in with confidence and a system in place to walk out a winner!


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