How to Win the Pick 4 Consistently

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It's true enough, people who bet on the game wish to win the Pick 4 lotto for one reason or the other. I mean, who wouldn't, especially if your dollar "investment" could translate to an easy $100 to $500 in one draw. But here's the thing, since there are a lot of people who bet on the same draw, your chances of winning on one ticket alone are very slim indeed. Fortunately, there are ways and means of improving your chances so that you could have at least an even chance to win the Pick 4 lottery. Here are a few tips how to choose numbers.

People are matching numbers upon numbers with hopes of hitting a winning combo; but with so many potential possibilities at hand, how could anyone know what numbers crop up more than the others? The answer is simple. There are many people who have tried to study patterns of number occurrences in their own personal bid to win the win the Pick 4 games. And according to their findings (a good practice since they are sharing this...) the most likely combinations that win are the single digit combos and the double digit combos. At least, according to them, these combinations are the ones that are guaranteed the little jackpot wins.

What are single digit and double digit combos?

As you know in order to win the Pick 4 draw, you would need (obviously enough) 4 numbers to get you by. Single digit combos are a combination of 4 non repeating numbers. This combination has a greater probability of hitting the jackpot consistently. Admittedly, its pay-out is less than those of the other combinations since the chances of not hitting this type of numerical combination are low. However, that also means that whatever number sequence you go for this combination has a slightly higher chance of getting picked than all other combos. Nonetheless, there are several warnings attached to picking single digit combos.

Don't put your money on sequenced numbers. Examples of sequenced numbers are: 1-2-3-4; 1-3-6-9; and 2-4-6-8. You have to remember that in order to the win the Pick 4 games, you need to choose as random looking numbers as possible. Occasionally, there sequences that hits the big time, but these are rare indeed. Besides, if you really want an eye-opening truth, then here it is: almost everyone else bets on sequenced numbers. The combo: 1-2-3-4 alone is always present and accounted for in most non-winning tickets. So, even if you win on that combo, you still have to share your price with other holders of the same winning ticket.

Double digit combos, on the other hand, are those that only have 2 repeating numbers. This combination is different from double-double combos, where there are 2 sets of repeating numbers. Examples of double digit combinations are: 1-1-4-0; 9-2-2-3; and 7-5-3-3. Examples of double-double combos are: 2-2-9-9; 4-4-8-8; and 6-6-3-3. After single digit combos, the double digit combos often come to play, so this is a safe series of number to bet on as well.


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