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There is a defined and appropriate form of clothing that you need to wear for every activity in the world. This is also applicable for organisations which are involved in gambling. If you take a look at the more up market casinos there is defined form of poker clothing as certain amount of finesse is required in the manners of the poker players. The poker clothes that you may come across are often dependent on most of the poker players.

Now there are people involved in the game of poker at different levels. To begin with the dealers in the game have to be dressed in white poker shirt and a black pant. There should not be any other decorative items on the clothing. The only other thing acceptable on the dress could be the embossing of the organisations name. You could many a times find them in a waistcoat and a black bow tie apart from the black pant and white shirt which is the standard clothe. The whole idea is that the look should be very professional.

On the other hand the poker clothes worn by the customers and the players vary and are quite diverse. Thus when you are at the poker events you will get to see a huge range of clothing. The females you will find in these events will often be dressed either in the casual clothes or their best clothes. The clothing in the game is always based on the environment that the game is played in.

The more elite and high end casinos which cater to the elite class of customers it is the more formal poker clothing that is preferred. Thus you will find that the men playing the game will always be dressed in a white formal shirt and black pant with a dress coat. The ladies on the other hand you will find that will be dressed in either a knee length cocktail dress or a long evening dress. Though you may feel that this style of dressing for a game as simple as poker is slightly overboard yet it makes sense as the poker company's are trying to get the game a respectable status thus the dressing would seem appropriate.

Though these elite casinos always have their players dressed up in strict formal poker clothes yet it is not a must for the players when they are playing the informal bout of the game. The informal round of poker that can be played anywhere is a more casual affair and hence the dress code is casuals that are adorned by the players. To be comfortable while playing the game you should wear poker clothes that you will be comfortable in as the game of poker may last for hours together. Thus the game of poker has its own set of rules that it follows and this adds to the essence of the game.


Source by Shweta Menon


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