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Some say that the Las Vegas Drug scene is really bad. Others say that the drug scene is mostly on the Strip and near the nudie bars. This is simply not so, in fact it is all over the town. For instance near the Nellis Air Force Base in North Las Vegas. Yep, you don't believe me then try out the Wal-Mart parking lot it is unbelievable or near the Military base going toward the Casinos.

Many military personnel say "Drugs are stupid, I do not understand it really, but then again I have never done any so, what would I know."

Indeed, I relate with what these military folks say, but the drug problem in the US is ramped and it is really ramped in Las Vegas and not just the Strip either. I do know that the FBI considering hiring pot smokers and of course this is proof of the ramped problem in our society. But we must get rid of this Crystal Meth, it is really bad news for people's bodies and I do not believe I should have to pay the increased health care costs that will plague our civilization in the coming years. Things like heart attacks at age 35 and rotted out kidneys. We just cannot afford this as a nation, health care costs are already causing losses and leading to bankruptcy as GM noted this past week.

One recent visitor to Las Vegas said to our investigative team while looking for a job having recently re-located to the area;

"I don't think I am in the greatest part of town, but since social service is what I do for a living and dealing with druggies is the part I hate the most about my job, I might rethink what I am going to do next."

The best parts of Vegas are the areas North West, Centennial, Henderson and Seven Hills Area. But even the middle class kids there, are for the most part from Southern California and many are drug dealers part time and gang members, so the problem is in the entire area, maybe not out in the open, but is still there. We were told the same visitor that;

"There's a Wal-Mart just a couple of blocks from the Air Force base here. I went in there to walk around and there was some black chick dealing drugs right outside the front door. I strolled around for about an hour and when I came out, there she was still dealing drugs and I walked by right in the middle of an exchange. The security guards were both black and were just totally ignoring what she was doing, so they have to know and are a part of it--or just get a kickback. It was meth that she was selling. "

Indeed this is one place in the area that our investigative team noted was problematic for drug use, so it figures, it is ramped there; so bad that some business people say that you cannot find a; "G-damn person in that town who is worth hiring." This is what we were told in no uncertain terms from many small and medium size businesses, even a couple human resource directors that told us that; "It is sickening really. We drug test everyone, that sure weeds them out quickly!"

When our interviewee continued the story she said;

"I gave her my best dirty look to let her know that I knew what she was doing. She walked away and the security guard came and sat in his vehicle right by the van while I sat there reading the paper. He didn't look pleased with ME. I know there is no perfect place, but I didn't expect to see so much within just a couple of hours of arriving in town."

We instructed her to call the North Las Vegas Police, they will take care of them, they hang out at the Starbucks across the freeway near the other Wal-Mart, on Craig and Martin Luther King Blvd. At night you will see the entire police department, nice guys, safest place in the whole darn area. We told her to get a digital picture of the lady and that If you don't do something no one will. This is the problem. You see. Additionally our investigative team also interviewed the drug taskforce group and they told us for everyone you bust there are 5 more ready to take their place the next day.

America, we are falling short on the war in drugs in most of our larger cities and most of our smaller ones. We must work together to get these drugs off our streets, as they are melting the minds and warping the brain of our society. Think on this.


Source by Lance Winslow


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