Names of Poker Hands

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Knowing the names of poker hands and the terminology can really help with your confidence in playing poker. We wrote this article to explain some of the terminology and names of the poker hands in detail.

Most poker games come down to the best five cards. These five cards can be made up of all of a player's cards (like in 5 card draw) or using both pocket (hole) cards and the community cards (like in Texas Hold'em). If you can get your head around which cards make what and the names of poker hands, then you will be well on your way to becoming a better poker player.

Names Of Poker Hands

1. Royal Flush
: This is the best hand you can get and nothing can beat it. This hand is made up of Ace, King, Queen, Jack and Ten of the same suit. There are no suit rankings in poker, so it does not matter if your hand is in Hearts or Clubs. If two players both have a royal flush then the pot is split.

2. Straight Flush
: This is just like a royal flush, but the hand is five cards of the same suit in sequence. For example, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three of Diamonds. If two players have a straight flush then the highest card of the sequence will win the pot.

3. Four of a Kind
: This is when you have four of the same cards. In some community card games, two players could each have the same four of a kind. It then comes down to who has the highest "kicker".

4. Full House
: This is when you have three cards of the same value and another two cards of the same value. For example, Jack, Jack, Jack, Three, Three. The highest three cards will determine the winner in the event of a tie. If it so happens that two players have the same three cards, then it comes down to the highest pair.

5. Flush
: This reflects to five cards of the same suit. These cards do not have to be in any specific order, but the highest card in the sequence will determine the winner if two players have a flush. If this card is also tied, then it falls on the next highest card to decide the winner.

6. Straight
: This hand is five cards in the same sequence, but not of the same suit. Once again, it is the highest card in the sequence which decides the victor. It is also possible to use an Ace in the sequence as both the highest or lowest card. However, an Ace can only be used at the top or bottom of a sequence and never as one of the middle cards - Two, Ace, King, Queen, Jack.

7. Three of a Kind
(trips): This hand is made up of three cards of the same rank and two other cards. If there is a tie then the "kicker" (the highest card away from the trips).

8. Two Pair
: This is the same principle as three of a kind, but just with two pairs. If one of the pairs is matched between two players then the next highest pair will decide the winner.

9. One Pair
: This is when a player has a single pair and three unrelated cards.

10. High Card
: It sometimes happens that there are no structured hands on the table when it comes to the showdown. The pot winner will then be determined by who has the highest card. If there is a tie then the next highest card will be determined.


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